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July 13, 2018 4 min read

Let your artistic side flourish with some DIY holiday trimmings. Use these ideas to create your own rustic, cheerful, glamorous or simple Christmas decorations for your family gathering, office party, or friendly mixer.

  1. Tiny Tree

    Arguably the best feature of this ornament is its versatility- it can be arranged on your office desk, kitchen table, or added to your arsenal of adorable DIY Christmas Party. Emulate this lovely piece by fashioning a rope ring (held together with hot glue) to fit the bottom of a glass globe ornament. Next, select a large, clear glass globe ornament to showcase a brilliantly miniature terrarium. Partially fill the globe with dark moss, and place a slender pine cutting inside. Display your darling sapling on a wood tabletop or wall shelf. Photo from Buzzfeed
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations
  2. Geo Flakes

    If you prefer sleek and chic over rustic décor, this DIY Christmas ornament will match your style wonderfully. Create these spindly snowflakes to compliment your glam studio or your fun-filled office party. Start this display by selecting popsicle sticks to fashion the flakes. Arrange the sticks into geometric snowflakes, and secure them with hot glue. Once the glue is dry, paint the flakes in matte red and white paint. Glue a strand of redribbon to a point on each snowflake, and suspend them from a bare wall. Photo from A Little Craft in your Day
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations
  3. Wintry Mantel

    Add a wondrous look to your fireplace mantel with this crafty Christmas party decoration. First, arrange a smattering of ivory pillar candles flush with the wall to create a warm backdrop. Gather a bundle of mini pinecones and use white paint to cover the tips to give them a frosted effect. Next, select a long strand of red and white twine to tie each pinecone to. Once you have a cone-speckled garland, proudly drape it over your mantelpiece. This display will perfectly accent your winter wonderland party decorations. Photo from UK Craft Blog
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations
  4. Regal Rudolph

    Personify everyone’s favorite reindeer with a few simple pieces. This DIY Christmas decoration will be a striking centerpiece at your glitzy holiday party. For this look, select a large clear glass cylinder vase and place a few white floralytes in the bottom of the vase, and fill it with faux snow. The lights and fluffy snow will bring a magical, glowing atmosphere to your display. Next, cut 2 shortened pieces from a gnarled Manzanita branch, and place them both in the top of the vase, arranging them like antlers. Twist battery operated string lights around the branches to add a bit more light. Finally, string a small red globe ornament on twine and wrap it around the middle of the vase, positioning the ornament as Rudolph’s nose. Photo from DIY Ready
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations
  5. Bundled-Up Trees

    Create a cute and quirky woodsy vignette with a few warm and fuzzy pieces. For this Christmas party idea, select a fluted serving tray as your eye-catching display foundation. Next, choose short, medium, and tall cardboard cones as the bases for your wrapped trees. Slather the cones in craft glue, and gingerly, crudely, wrap them with green, mauve, white, and blue twine until they are enveloped in the dazzling hues. Once the colorful trees are dry, arrange them on the tray, and place the complete decoration on your kitchen peninsula, coffee table, or bookshelf. Photo from Buzzfeed
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations
  6. Winter Hurricane

    Bring delight to your backyard Christmas brunch with this hurricane holder look. This holiday party decoration idea has a simple, classic look, perfect for loving family gatherings. Bring a countryside feel to your display by utilizing a bark-trimmed tree slice as your base. Next, place a clear cylinder vase atop the wood base. Wrap a band of thick burlap ribbon around the bottom of the vase, and use hot glue to keep in in place. Tie a twine strand into a bow over the top of the burlap to give it a polished finish. Next, place an ivory pillar candle in the vase, and wrap the base with a holly berry garland snippet for a festive finish. Photo from Lush Home
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations
  7. Baby Bunting Banner

    This Christmas party decoration will wonderfully garnish your loft or studio-sized Christmas tree. Yes, you can still host the perfect holiday gathering in your apartment, thanks to the help of tiny and thoughtful decorations. Recreate this scaled-down garland by cutting tiny diamond-shaped pieces from a burlap bolt. Cut a long strand of natural twine, and place it on a long table. Space out and position your fabric diamonds beneath the twine, so you can fold it in half over the string. Next, using a mini hot glue gun, place a small dot of hot glue on the bottom of each diamond and fold the top over the twine to create tiny bunting triangles. Once the garland is dry, wrap it around your miniature Christmas tree or potted topiary to complete your holiday décor. Photo from Buzzfeed
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations
  8. Frosty Lights

    Throwing together a last-minute holiday soiree? Don’t sweat it! This super easy, super creative Christmas party idea can be put together within minutes with items you may already have in your cupboard. For these snow bank candles, start with large mason jars to hold your snowy candles. Next, sprinkle several dusty layers of fake snow (or powdered sugar and glitter) in each jar to give it a wintry look. Finally, secure a white votive candle in each jar to complete your glistening Christmas lighting. Photo from Hubpages
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations
  9. Hot Cocoa Bar

    Add an utterly charming look to your beverage table with this Christmas party decoration idea. Rather than tossing a handful of cocoa packets next to a thermos of hot water, put some love into your drink bar spread, which will surely bring holiday cheer. For this idea, select a large, plain blackboard to be your backdrop. Spray paint the edges white to give it a frosted appearance. Use a broad-tipped white chalk marker to write, “Hot Chocolate Bar” in big, bold, beautiful lettering, and hang the sign behind your beverage table. Next, arrange a pedestal cake stand (topped with a tree slice), a wooden box, and a crate on the table. Fill mason jars with hot cocoa toppings, such as whipped cream, marshmallows, and peppermint shavings, and place the filled jars atop the stand and box. Fill the crate with matching mugs , and place a steaming carafe of hot cocoa on the table. Complete this look by positioning a mini Christmas tree among your decorations. Photo from Pen & Paper Flowers
    DIY Christmas Party Decorations