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July 13, 2018 4 min read

Have you ever dreamed of hosting the most fabulous holiday party for your friends and family? With a few well-placed decorations, you can throw a memorable get-together that your loved ones will talk about for ages. As most gatherings revolve around food and drink, you can bring attention to your decorative style with a homemade centerpiece at your dinner or dessert table. Unleash your creativity with these DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas.

  1. Silver Bells

    Create a stunningly simple yet unique tablescape with mercury glass votive holders and tiny, silver bells. This celestial DIY Christmas centerpiece will emit a warm, twinkling glow that will bring the holiday spirit to your party. Place these candle-filled votive holders on a white tray, and sprinkle silver bells around their bases. Photo from Between You and Me.
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  2. Through the Woods

    Add a rural touch to your homey holiday party with branch-filled vases and pine cones. Recreate this Christmas centerpiece by wrapping birch bark or a birch print ribbon around the outside of a glass cylinder vase, filled with preserved moss and LED willow branches. Fill another clear vase with pine cones to bring texture to your display. Photo from Adorable Home.
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  3. Dreamy White Christmas

    Like a fluffy layer of snowfall, this Christmas floral centerpiece will bring a dusty finish to your winter decorations. Place a bundle of pluming, white baby’s breath in a tall, silver trumpet vase , and surround with pedestal candles to bring a touch of coziness to the table. Photo from Elizabeth Anne Designs .
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  4. All is Calm and Bright

    Utilize your dessert tray to create a soft, glowing display by topping with white or ivory pillar candles, and garnishing with vibrant branches of holly or strands of faux berries. Add dimension to your Christmas table centerpiece by placing different sized pillar candles on your white cake stand. Photo from Petrainpika
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  5. Berry Merry Christmas

    Bring countryside charm to your DIY Christmas centerpiece with a clipping from the garden. Recreate this eye-catching decoration by filling an ivy bowl with water, a sprig of holly, and a floating candle. Or, try a variation of this look by using fresh cranberries and pine sprigs in lieu of the holly. Photo from Decorazilla
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  6. Holiday Spice

    It you enjoy the distinct scents and flavors of the holiday season, this DIY Christmas centerpiece is perfect for you! Take a bunch of fragrant cinnamon sticks and glue around the outside of ivory pillar candles. Cut the sticks to size, unevenly, allowing the candle beneath to peak through. Finish this organic display by tying a twine bow around the outside. Cluster these candles on a tray or platter in the center of your dinner table. Photo from Lush-Fab-Glam
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  7. Rustic Winter Planter

    Display the raw beauty of the winter season in this Christmas table centerpiece. Place an assortment of pillar candles in an unfinished wood planter, and burlap and berries inside Mason jars to complete this woodland-inspired display. This centerpiece will complement the dimensions of a long, farmhouse table, ready for your family’s annual Christmas brunch. Photo from The Knot.
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  8. Tantalizing Tiers

    Use this Christmas centerpiece idea to mix together your classic and contemporary holiday decorations. Utilize a wooden 3-tiered stand to display snow-dusted pine cones, votive candles, and glass ornaments. Add a welcoming glow to your centerpiece by using gold mercury glass candle holders to hold your lights. Photo from Urban Comfort.
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  9. Christmas Cloche

    Do you want to create the most breathtaking holiday centerpiece, but don’t have the time or money to do anything elaborate? If so, this easy and beautiful decoration is just what you need. Fill a large glass cloche with your favorite globe ornaments to be showcased on a simple tray or table square. Add a vintage touch by utilizing paper mache ornaments in this decoration. Photo from Better Homes & Gardens
    . Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  10. Chestnuts and an Open Fire

    This simple spread will be a conversational piece among your friends or family during your holiday gathering. Add dimension and interest to this candlelit Christmas table centerpiece by using clear glass vases of different sizes and shapes. Place white pillar candles in each holder, and surround with either raw chestnuts or in-shell almonds. Photo from Fab You Bliss.
    Top 12 Christmas Centerpieces
  11. Let It Snow

    This recycled, DIY Christmas centerpiece will not only showcase your creative side, but also bring eye-catching texture to your dinner table or kitchen island. Evenly cover 2 - 3 empty wine bottles with glue or Mod Podge, and dust with faux snow for a powdered, flaky look. Fill these bottles with a bundle of silver ting, bringing a glamorous touch to your display. Finish off this decoration by placing the bottles on a silver serving tray, and surrounding the bases with candles and globe ornaments or knick-knacks. Photo from Wine & Redesign
  12. Snow Globes

    This Christmas centerpiece idea brings antique cheer to your festive, holiday gathering. Fill apothecary jars with fluffy confetti, LED lights, and your favorite Dickens-esque decorations to create your own, radiant snow globes. These custom decorations will add an enchanting touch to your party décor. Photo from Fairy Lights & Fun