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June 27, 2018 4 min read

You and your honey celebrate your love everyday. But there is only one day a year when everyone can rally around you to commemorate you and your one and only's anniversary. To make your 1st, 10th, 25th, or 50th wedding anniversary party a memorable event, here are some decorating ideas to commemorate the day and adhere to traditional anniversary themes.

  • Lantern Love

    You two have survived your first year together! Whether you made it by the skin of your teeth or it was easy as pie, you definitely want to celebrate with your loved ones. A paper lantern centerpiece will set a laid-back, romantic mood at your one anniversary party. Arrange a paper lantern in the middle of your banquet table, and place an LED light inside to let it glow. Place preserved red roses atop in the shape of a wreath, and sprinkle rose petals around the base for a romantic touch. Photo via Something Borrowed.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Cute as Cotton

    Year Two’s theme is cotton, so why not indulge your charming, rustic side? Utilize cotton boll branches to fashion simply bouquets to be displayed on your beverage table or any other decorated area. For an adorable detail, use a zinc bucketto hold your cotton. Seamlessly bring the look together by wrapping the top of bucket in twine, and tying it into a bow. Photo via The Frosted Petticoat.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Well Suited

    Bring a masculine element to your 3rd anniversary party with stackable suitcases. The 3rd year is leather-themed, and leather suitcases are perfect to symbolize the adventure you are on together. Complete this antique vignette by using rich, leather stackable suitcases as your base. Incorporate other old-timey decorations such as a vintage camera clock and a black and white photo of the two of you on your wedding day to perfect the look. Top off with a vibrant bouquet of preserved hydrangeas and caspia in an antique pitcher. Photo via Wedding Chicks.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Table of Plenty

    Celebrate the bounty of your marriage with Year Four’s theme—fruit! This mantel or table decoration is easy to assemble, and is perfect for a cheerful, vibrant gathering of friends and family. For this anniversary idea, begin with cylinder glass vases of different shapes and sizes. Fill with your favorite fresh and preserved fruits, such as apples,oranges, lemons, pears and pomegranates. Finish off this festive look with a long strand of wired ribbon, curved to loosely wrap your vases. Photo via Good Housekeeping.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Pretty Plank

    For your 5th anniversary party, incorporate subtle, wooden details into your décor to fit in with the year’s wood theme. Utilize one or several wood planks as a nature-inspired table runner at your outdoor dinner party or barbeque. For this rough-hewn look, place a few wood planks down the center of your picnic or farmhouse table. Next, line clear glass bottles of different sizes , filled with flowers on the plank runner. Last, cluster a few votive candles along the ends of the runner, to provide radiant light to the table if the dinner should linger into the night. Photo via Style Me Pretty.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Sugar Pie Honey Bun

    Year Six is all about celebrating the sweet things in life, as candy is the theme. End your 6th anniversary celebration with a dessert buffet, garnished with jars filled with candy. Use your antique china hutch or cupboard to display your sugary delights. Pile petit fours, brownies, and cookies atop glass cake stands, and arrange them on the shelves of your hutch. Next, choose large glass vases and hurricane vases to display shelled candies. Finish off your dessert bar by writing “Love is Sweet” on a long chalkboard, and position it on the top shelf of your hutch. Photo via Wedding Chicks.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Southwest Sensation

    Celebrate your 7th year with your sweetie with a neighborhood barbeque, complete with a Southwestern theme. The 7th year’s theme is copper, so add some antique hardware to your décor to bring some spice to your anniversary party décor. For this look, fill a metal or copper tub with ice and your favorite bottled drinks. For a truly Southwest accent, place a set of faux antlers next to the beverage bucket, and adorn with sprigs from a silk rose arrangement. Photo via Fourteen-Forty Design Studio.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Pretty Pottery

    If your anniversary falls in September or October, this look is perfect for Year Eight – the pottery year. This vase decoration works well as either a centerpiece or table flourish at your harvest-themed anniversary party. For this homespun design, use a wood slice as a base, and arrange a stoneware vase atop. Fill the vase with vibrant, preserved oakleaf branches showcasing the colors of fall. Photo via Countryliving.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Whispering Willow

    One year away from a milestone yet so far along already, your 9th anniversary should celebrate the beautiful life you’ve cultivated. The theme for the year is willow, so decorate your anniversary party with plenty of these gentle branches. For this bright, refreshing arrangement, utilize bubble glass vases in different shapes, colors and sizes. Fill the vases with willow branches and display the vases in clusters. If you are planning on an evening gathering, incorporate curly willow branches and tiny battery operated fairy lights on copper wirefor a radiant display. Photo via Willow House

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Life's a Picnic

    Celebrate your decade of love with an outdoor affair—throw a picnic! The theme of your 10th anniversary is tin, so use plenty of shiny, metal cans as vases around your party. Set the stage for this cheerful display by laying a colorful table runner down your farmhouse table. Arrange tin French Flower market buckets along the runner, and fill with vibrant sunflower stems. After this, all you’ll need are friends and family to celebrate the day. Photo via Catch My Party.

Top 12 Anniversary Party Ideas

  • A Very Good Year

    One of the most significant anniversaries to celebrate, Year 25, is all about silver. If you want some inspiration for your 25th anniversary party decorations, look no further than the mint julep vase. With its classic shape and alluring sheen, this piece is perfect for displaying flowers at your glamorous 25th anniversary banquet. Arrange a silver mint julep vase on your elegant tablescape and fill it with creamy white hydrangeas. Scatter the silver mercury glass votive holders with candles around to bring a warm glow. Finish the decoration by displaying your favorite photo of the two of you in a on an easel or framed next to the vase. Photo via Style Me Pretty.