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July 18, 2019 2 min read

One of the big parts of getting readying for the reception is designing your wedding tablescape. This is where most of your decor for the reception will come into play, and it's the perfect way to really showcase your creativity.

In looking at the essentials, we have found that there are six things you need to create a beautiful wedding tablescape that you won't ever forget!
This is a tried and true essential. Pillar candles? Flowers? Floating Candles? They all look stunning in a variety of different that you can have along your wedding tablescape. If you have a long farmhouse style table, try mixing and matching different vase shapes and sizes to create texture within your tablescape. If you have round tables, you can still mix and match your vases from table to table to create different looks throughout your reception.
wedding tablescape
Candles are always a classic. For whatever wedding tablescape you have in mind, there's a to go along with it. Classic choices include votive, tealight, pillar and floating candles. However, you can create something extra unique by using colorful candles or sphere candles. Candles give your tablescape that essential glow that every wedding should have.
Even if you don't have flowers, which totally count as greenery too, you should add a little bit of green to your tablescape. Adding adds a lush touch of nature into your setting. This greenery adds life to your tablescape and softens your look. Even if you don't have fresh flowers, silk flowers or garland still make gorgeous additions even if you're cutting costs.
Table Numbers
Table numbers are essential to order at your reception. It can make serving easier, even if you don't have a seating chart. Use a cute with a calligraphy table number to match whatever look you're going for with your tablescape. If you want you can also throw a photo of you two in the frame to complement the tablescape and allow guests to have a look into your lives.
Napkin Rings
wedding tablescape
are the best way to accent the seating at your wedding. You can use them to tie in your colors, or add a pop of something unexpected to the tablescape. They don't have to match your charger plates, but you can coordinate them with your florals, candles or anything else you want to.
Charger Plates
Charger plates have long been used to dress up a tablescape, and we can't imagine a wedding tablescape without them. They create color and texture without taking up extra space on your table. You can mix and match styles and colors of throughout your tablescape if you want to incorporate multiple colors into your decor. While items, colors and textures can vary from wedding tablescape to tablescape, you can count on these six essential items to create the perfect tablescape for you. Creating your reception tablescape is a simple process, you just have to get a little creative!