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July 25, 2019 2 min read

Whether your wedding is happening indoors or outside, incorporating lanterns into your wedding decor can really add a fun flair.

These globe paper lanterns are a perfect example of adding some unique decorations to your big day! All different types of lanterns can be done in whichever shapes, colors and sizes you desire, depending on the theme of your wedding. While we recommend going with more neutral tones and doing a mix of different sizes, but you can definitely use any in any way that you want. Your guests will be amazed when they look up and see the unexpected decor!
paper lanterns
Recently, the team designed a super chic boho-themed wedding ceremony setup with lanterns and the guests went wild over the setup. We would also recommend adding pops of metallic lanterns to this look for a more elevated look. By adding a few extra-large lanterns with medium and small sizes, the overall design of the installation appears more custom. Paper lanterns go super well with outdoor ceremonies or receptions, even if they are later in the day, because they can be strung together in a line and have lights in them to add a fun sparkle to contrast the night sky. Lanterns of all different shapes and sizes can be placed with string lights to add even more flair and texture, or they can be all on their own. If you are rolling with an outdoorsy theme, lanterns can add a beautiful rustic look when hanging from trees, combined with other greenery, or even floating in the water! They can look really exceptional on the ground or in the trees lighting an aisle for the bride or simply a path for guests to take. Whichever way you want to utilize them, lanterns can make for a great addition to any outdoor wedding space and can be very versatile to your desires.
paper lanterns
Alternatively, lanterns can be super beautiful in a send-off or well wishes for the bride and groom. Many people love the idea of everyone lighting a lantern and sending it into the air, especially at the end of the night. Lanterns are a unique and beautiful way to commemorate your big day. One extra special way to incorporate them would be to have guests write well wishes for the bride and groom throughout the night and then let the lanterns float into the air all together as they leave at the end. There are tons of different lantern shapes, sizes, and colors out there to choose from depending on what you desire. There are so many exceptional ways that you can incorporate paper lanterns into your wedding day, so we definitely suggest checking them out. If you need a place to start, see the paper globe lanterns shown! They’ve got a lot of different options for other wedding décor items.