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SKU: 87260201615_01

White Glass Eiffel Tower Vase 16"

This elegant vase is an excellent choice for glamorous weddings, parties, events, and home décor! With its footed, square-ridged structure, this vase is sturdy enough to hold larger floral and feather bunches. Use to fashion a statuesque centerpiece for a wedding reception; or as a regal display in your home. This towering piece creates dramatic, impactful displays.

White Glass Eiffel Tower Vase stands 16" tall, with a top diameter measuring 1-7/8" in diameter, and an opening of 1.25" in diameter. The base measures 3.25" square. 

Note:  This vase is blown glass.  As the item is crafted by hand, there may be slight variations in measurements and appearance  Each is one-of-a-kind!