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Richland Francesca Vase 10.5"

Richland Francesca Vase 10.5"

Bella Francesca! This thick glass vase is a popular choice for home and event decor as it brings warmth and sophistication to a room. The vase features a golden brown color, ombre effect, and elegantly smooth shape that is perfect for a tablescape, mantle, bookshelf, or console table. The rich color and modern design complements various interior styles and aesthetics. Fill with your favorite flowers or create an amber sparkle by placing string lights inside. This piece can be used year round to serve stunning looks!

(1) Vase included.  Dimensions:  10.5"(H), 3.5"(W), 1.25"(Opening)

Note: This piece is not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent safe.