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Richland Diamond Candle Holder Amber Set of 6

Richland Diamond Candle Holder Amber Set of 6

Brilliant! With a tealight or votive candle inside, the effect of candlelight through this amber-colored holder is stunning. With a lit candle inside, the diamond texture detail in the thick glass creates a glowing ambience from angle to angle that everyone will love. Great for special events, restaurants, and in the home! With its good size and rich hue finish, this piece can also be filled with party favors to make memorable gifts for your guests. 

(6) Holders Included.  Dimensions:  4"(H) x 3.25"(W-top) x 2.8" (W-base)

Candles sold separately.  While you're here, don't forget to scoop up some of our Richland Votive or Tealight Candles to complete your look! This piece works well with both the classic and LED options.

Not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent safe.