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Sierra Manzanita Branch Sanded 21"-38" Natural

This Natural Sierra Manzanita Branch makes a stunning addition or anchor to any display or floral arrangement. This branch is sandblasted smooth, completely natural, and untreated. This individual branch ranges from 21"-38" tall. They range from 16"-18" wide.  The trunk is between 7/8"-1" thick. 

Called Sierra for its origin in the Sierra Madre mountain range of California, this branch has a wonderful bonsai look that is great alone or within arrangements. Add natural flair to your home decor or special events. Place small floral arrangements within the branch; or drape crystal garland for an elevated and impressive look. 

This listing includes (1) branch. Each branch is beautiful and unique in size, shape, and color.

Note: If you are constructing a display tree you'll need to use a heavy, loose material such as stones to set them in.