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Linen Chair Sash / Table Runner 8in x 108in

This lovely piece serves rustic flair paired with functionality! With its natural color and rugged texture, this Linen piece can be used both as a chair sash or as a table runner. It is perfect on the tables and chairs of any rustic-themed soiree. Use on its own to showcase your antique table; or place atop a tablecloth for added interest. With candle vases or a metallic compote with flowers, this Linen Chair Sash / Table Runner is gorgeous. Use as an autumn chic chair sash with enough length to tie a bow! Third photo by Erich McVey Photography

This piece is 8" wide x 108" long. The fabric is not chemically treated; and is a blend of linen and cotton with 10% polyester. 

This piece is hand wash only.