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SKU: 09343262018_12

Florist Stem Wire (360 pieces) 20 Gauge GREEN


  • Panacea Floral Stem Wire 20 Gauge in green.
  • Each individual pack includes 30 18" pieces of wire.
  • This listing is a master pack that includes 12 individual packs of stem wire, for a total of 360 wire pieces.

The higher the gauge number the more flexible and thinner the wire is. 20 Gauge is a flexible, yet sturdy gauge and good choice for boutonnieres. Floral wires are used to lengthen and support stems. You can use them for hanging wreaths by shaping them into loops. Perfect for securing floral material to wreaths and forms. Use with fresh, dried or silk floral materials to create beautiful arrangements for your home. Not only for floral use, try using for craft and home decor projects.