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Sturdy Tapered Rectangle Vase 13"

This tall, outward-reaching vase will wonderfully accent tall, bright, bursting arrangements. The smooth, glossy clear glass body of the Tapered Rectangle Vase makes it an elegant piece to decorate outdoor celebrations, dinner parties, or just to jazz up your home. Fill this thick glass piece with decorative gems, water, and floating candles to create a unique centerpiece; or add lush floral arrangements for an impressive display. The elegant modern style and design versatility of this piece makes it perfect for weddings, events, and upscale home decor.

This piece stands approximately 13" tall, with a weighted base measuring 4.5" by 2.5" wide. The opening measures 6-1/8" by 3.74" wide.

For a stunning centerpiece, place this vase on a table mirror with different sizes of our square candle holders. This look will have your guests basking in the angular glow of candlelight all night through!