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SKU: 87260201612_01

Clear Glass Eiffel Tower Vase 16"

With its footed, square-ridged structure, this vase is sturdy enough to hold larger floral and feather bunches. This statuesque, slender, footed glass vase can be used create dramatic, impactful displays for weddings, parties, events, and glamorous home décor. Fill its clear body with decorative gems and jewels to create visual interest and enhance a theme.

The Clear Glass Eiffel Tower Vase stands 16" tall, with a top diameter measuring 1.75". The narrowest (inside) diameter is 1" wide. The base measures 3.25" square.

Note:  This vase is blown glass.  As the item is crafted by hand, there may be slight variations in measurements and appearance  Each is one-of-a-kind!