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Natural Birch Bark Covered Zinc Planter Vase 5.5" x 5"

Make your floral arrangements look even brighter with this Natural Birch Bark Covered Zinc Planter Vase 5.5x5! Perfect for a rustic-themed event, this zinc metal pail is covered in natural birch bark and features a lovely tapered shape. Use to display floral arrangements at special events such as weddings or in your home for forest flair. Each pot is one-of-a-kind due to natural variations occurring in the birch bark. This item is not watertight. Please use a liner or floral foam (not included). 

(1) Planter vase included.  Dimensions: 5.5" tall, 5" wide at the top, and 4" at the base. 

Note:  Each planter is unique; and just as in nature, the bark of each pot will have natural imperfections.