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Richland Flameless LED Pillar Candles 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" White Set of 18

(6 of each) Richland® LED Pillar Candles White 3"x3" / 3"x6" / 3"x9"
Realistic outer wax shell and Amber flickering LED flame
Perfect for No-Flame Venues, Weddings, Churches, Restaurants, Events, and Home
Battery Life: Approximately 100 hours (2 AA batteries included in each candle)

This fabulous trio of Richland Flameless LED Pillar Candles provides hours upon hours of hassle-free simulated candle glow! With the smooth wax shell and amber-colored flickering LED flame, these candles are perfect for your home or special event. The flameless candles feature arealistic warm glow and classic shape - with no clean-up required! Not only are these LEDs an excellent choice for venues that do not allow an open flame, they provide you convenience and peace of mind. Use time and time again for great results! Set includes 18 total candles - 6 of each size. 

When you receive the LED candles, each is wrapped in a plastic covering. The sticker on the bottom of the candles can be removed to access the battery compartment. The batteries are shrink-wrapped in plastic that must be removed before engaging the battery. When switch is in the On/Timer mode, the candle will be lit for 5 hours and then turn off for 19 hours. 

Note: As the shell of this candle is real wax, it can be susceptible to damage from heat.