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SKU: G416NB_01

Richland Glass Chimney Candle Shade 4" x 16"

Richland Glass Chimney Candle Shade 4" x 16"

Looking for a way to enclose your candle flame when your event is outside, or have a venue with restrictions? Look no further! This open-ended candle shade can cover a variety of holders so that you can have the elegant look of taper candles without the open flame. This high quality clear glass chimney shade is a cylinder shape but has no bottom - so it can be placed over your candles & holders. For an item to fit within the shade safely, it must be 3.5" wide or narrower. 

One  Chimney Shade included.  Dimensions:  4" (W) x 16" (H) 

Note:  Our Richland Glass Chimney Candle Shades are hand blown glass - small variations and bubbles within the glass are common and make each piece unique.