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Richland Darden Vase Set of 6

Richland Darden Vase Set of 6

Darden is a super fun and edgy twist on a traditional fishbowl style vase. This electic piece features a thick glass bottom sham, flat narrow sides with rounded edges, modern angles, and tapered rectangle opening. Use Darden to create stunning terrariums with succulents and stones; or fill with bright large bloom florals to create stunning centerpieces. With its unique shape and sturdy composition, this piece is a stylish addition to any setting! 

Dimensions:  8" (H) x 7.5" (L) x 3" (W) x 4" (opening)

Your imagination is the key to filling this vase to delight your guests. Whether you use it in your home décor, a fabulous cool theme for an event or wedding, or as an unexpected gift, the Darden Vase will not disappoint!