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Gold Mercury Mosaic Cylinder 10" - Vase & Candle Holder

This golden tower illuminates its surroundings like a flaming beacon! Just place a candle inside the Gold Mercury Mosaic Cylinder Vase 10"; and enjoy the dazzling light display through the speckled mercury interior. This glamorous vase is also excellent for displaying tall floral bouquets or small branches. This quality glass piece has a mirrored square texture design that mimics mosaic design; but it serves a contemporary feel with the reflective champagne coloring. This piece is sure to impress the eyes of any that behold it; setting the stage for an stunning look in any setting. An excellent choice for Weddings, Events, and Home Décor! 

Dimensions:  This piece is 9.75" tall, 5" wide, and about 9.25" deep.

Note:  Not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent safe.