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White and Gold Ceramic Claire Vase & Pot 7.5" x 6.25"

Give your floral arrangements and plants a fresh, modern presentation with this White and Gold Ceramic Claire Vase & Pot 7.5" x 6.25". This ceramic pot is gorgeous with its white glaze bottom and shining reflective gold top. This piece emotes contemporary inspiration; making it an excellent choice to upgrade your decor without overwhelming it. With its simple styling and quality composition, Claire is a stunner time and time again!

The Claire Vase & Pot measures 6.25" tall x 7.5" wide; and has 6.25" opening. No drain hole. Inside is glazed. Not guarantee to be dishwasher or detergent/soap safe. 

A popular choice for weddings and other special events, this vase beautifully showcases florals of many colors and seasons with its slightly tapered top. For an instant centerpiece in your home, add some fresh greenery or branches inside this pot and place it on your dining table.