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18" Scalloped White Enamel Oval Flower Market Bucket

Exuding the brightness and beauty of an open-air floral market, this Scalloped White Enamel Oval Flower Market Bucket is a beautiful addition to home and event decor. Perfect for an afternoon garden party or spring wedding, this scallop rim flower market bucket adds a lovely touch to your tall floral arrangements. It is made of white enamel and is an oval shape. It includes two handles on either side. This piece could be personalized with paint or a permanent marker; or tie rich colored ribbon to the handles to enhance a color scheme.

This striking vessel is 18" tall. The top opening is 10" wide and the base is 7.25" wide. The glossy enamel coating is a bright white color.

This bucket is sealed but is not guaranteed to be watertight. We recommend clear silicone be applied to the seams to guarantee a proper seal if you plan to put water in it.