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DIY Bow Making 101: Three Loop Picture Hanger Ribbon BowDIY Bow Making 101: Three Loop Picture Hanger Ribbon Bow
DIY Bow Making 101: Three Loop Picture Hanger Ribbon Bow

Three Looped Picture Hanger Ribbon Bow

This ribbon bow is for decoration only. You don't want to use it to actually hold your pictures on the wall. Use a regular picture wire to support its weight and attach this ribbon for a finished decorator look.   

.You will determine the amount of ribbon yardage you need when you measure how much streamer you want showing below your picture (or even between two or three pictures in row). Adjust your loop size and tail length to be in proper proper proportion to your picture(s). 

Three Looped Picture Bow Yardage depends on length of tails Use 3 yds for a large bow.

1. Start with one long tail.


2. Make a loop to the left.


3. Make a loop (the same size) to the right. 


4. Make one more loop (the same size) to the left. 

5. Roll the ribbon over your thumb to make a small center loop and twist the ribbon so the tail is right side out. Your second tail should be the same length as your first. Adjust the second tail length by adjusting your center loop size. Wire tightly through center loop. 


6. Pull the third loop up to the top to complete the bow. Cut tails to desired length in "V"s.

Ribbon Instruction: See next lesson (The Puffy Bow)

See below for more on bow making.