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May 06, 2021 4 min read

There’s a notion that everything from planning the wedding and honeymoon to daydreaming about the perfect wedding ring are things that are reserved for women. However, men are as interested in these things as their female counterparts. In fact, many of them are eager to participate.

Surely, they may not express this in the same way women do, but they definitely share their excitement. Like women, men also think about their wedding, rings, and other things quite a lot. Not surprisingly, they all have their own version of how each one of these things should look like. In this article, we’ll be looking at all things wedding and married life – but from men’s perspective.

Just like women, men also have envisioned their dream  wedding quite a few times before they finally met the girl they want to spend the rest of their life with. Sure enough, they don’t go into the same amount of details as women do, but they do think about it. Generally speaking, men tend to want similar things from their wedding day.

For starters, their dream wedding is almost always on the simple side. They generally don’t want to overcomplicate things and often prefer to keep the guest list short. Close friends and family, and of course, their significant other, is all they really need for their dream ceremony. Some may even choose to keep quiet about their wedding, and others want to make it as affordable as possible. Another thing worth noting is that most guys would spend more on their honeymoon than on their wedding. From men’s perspective, the honeymoon is where the real memories are made. As for their wedding, a couple of pics and a small party is all they really want and need.

Planning a dream wedding

Planning a memorable honeymoon

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After the wedding comes the honeymoon, and most men agree that this is the most exciting part of the whole wedding planning process. Surely, dancing the night away while enjoying delicious food and drinks while being surrounded by the people they love is exciting and makes for great memories. However, the honeymoon is what really gets them excited. While some couples choose to plan their honeymoon together, sometimes, it’s the men who take charge of the planning.

Regardless of how you approach honeymoon planning, one thing’s for certain – it has to be memorable, and ideally, somewhere stunning. It also helps if you choose a honeymoon destination based on your interests. For instance, golf-loving couples may choose to book  stay and play golf packages and enjoy their honeymoon on the golf course while being provided a VIP experience. Some may imagine spending their honeymoon relaxing on the beach, sipping cocktails and enjoying exotic scenery. And then there are couples who may be in for an action-packed adventure while others may prefer carefree cruises. Whichever you choose, start planning well in advance, and make sure to throw in a little surprise for her, too.

Getting her the perfect ring

Now we get to the part many men feel confused about – ring buying. Most men have no clue how to approach what happens to be one of the most important, monumental purchases ever. It’s a scary business, but there are ways to simplify the process and get your special lady something she’ll love.

One of the things to keep in mind when buying an  engagement ring is to get her what she wants. Price tag isn’t as important. As long as she likes it and it fits her taste (and not yours), you’ll be fine. As for the cost of this piece of forever jewelry, they can get quite expensive. Because of that, it can be tempting to finance a ring. However, it would be best that you spend what you can afford now. That way, you can free up some cash for other wedding-related things, such as your honeymoon or the wedding itself.

Transitioning into married life

Tying the knot with the person you love is a big step. It’s a stage in life that can change a man’s life entirely. One of the ways men change after transitioning into married life is that they become more responsible. They have to keep their partner in mind, and this pushes them to be responsible with their decisions and actions.

Some men say that entering married life has also taught them to be more accountable. Once they’re married, there are other people depending on them, which is why they switch to the secure, safe mode. Because there are more people in their life, men also become more social. They also become better decision-makers, and they begin to understand the importance of health and planning for the future. And while marriage definitely changes a man, it also makes him a better person.

Wrapping up

Men may have different views and opinions regarding all things wedding-related compared to women. However, they do share a common goal which is making their significant other happy and creating beautiful memories. This is, after all, what love and marriage are all about!