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June 27, 2018 3 min read

The backdrop you choose for your wedding may not be number one on your to-do list, but it should be. The wedding altar will likely be the most photographed location during your special day, so we’ve put together our top ten ideas to help you make your ceremony absolutely flawless.

  • Acquire an Arbor

    If you don’t know where to start, try using an arbor to provide some structure! Arbors work well in both large and small spaces, and you can customize them in a variety of ways. Use paint or a wood stain to give it a fresh look to match your wedding. Dress it up with some ribbon, organza, tulle, and flowers, garlands and greenery for a traditional display, or give it a distressed finish and tie a little burlap on for a rustic look. Photo from Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Use Plenty of Rosettes

    Paper rosettes are another great go-to decoration, especially if you’re inspired by color and texture. Mix and match different rosettes to create a wall display that really comes to life! Add in a few paper pom-poms for more volume. Use a single color to highlight your venue or color scheme, or try an ombre arrangement to add subtle variation. Photo from The Sweetest Occasion // Charlie & Juliet.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Add Your Favorite Fabrics

    Using fabric strips to create a backdrop can be as elegant or as entertaining as you want. Use white satin and lace for a traditional look, or use a single color in different patterns for a display that stands out. You can use a few string lights to add a subtle glow, or arrange several pillar candles around the bottom for an intimate setting. Photo Wedding Chicks // Jemma Keach.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Keep it Crystal Clear

    If you’re someone who always loves more sparkle, use crystal curtains to bedazzle your ceremony. Hang them from an arch, arbor, or even a low hanging tree branch at an outdoor wedding. Add a chandelier for more opulence, and an abundance of creamy white flowers to match your bouquets and aisle décor. Photo from The Sweetest Occasion // Lavender & Twine.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Go Green

    If you’re not overly fond of flowers but love to be inspired by nature, use leaves instead. Lush greenery will add rich detail to your ceremony and blends in with many color palettes beautifully. Use eucalyptus orboxwood garlands to decorate your altar and aisle. Photo from Every Last Detail // Kristi Wright Photography.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Tie the Knot

    This clever idea is a modern twist on a classic theme. Find some rope, twine orribbon and tie in some loops and whorls! Use different types of knots, or mix a variety of rope and ribbon. Embellish this backdrop with greenery, flowers, or with your monogram placed in the center. Photo from Ruffled // Michelle Boyd Photography.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Ruffle Some Feathers

    If you want a simple look that is still unique, use feathers in your backdrop. Tie jute twine around feathers with specific prints or colors for a Southwest-style display. Use all white flowers of various sizes and tie them with lace for an angelic decoration. Add a few crystal accents or elevated candles for some sparkle and light. Photo from Wedding Chicks // Vis Photography.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Lighten the Mood

    If you’d like a contemporary look, use lights to create a modern backdrop. String lights are a great way to embellish your altar while still having a clean and crisp appearance. For an evening outdoor wedding, use globe lights for a softly lit ceremony that will transition seamlessly into your reception. Photo from Green Wedding Shoes // Braedon Flynn.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Chalk It Up

    For a classy black and white backdrop you can personalize however you want, try using a giant chalkboard! Photo from Wedding Chicks // Aimee McAuley Photography.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Arrange Fancy Florals

    When in doubt, stick with flowers. Whether you want to make an entire floral wall or display your monogram in flowers, this is a classic way to bring color and life you’re your ceremony. Use preserved moss sheets and attach it to a large board. Attach your flowers with greening pins. Surround a favorite quote with flowers, or create a fun pattern on your floral wall. Photo from Emmaline Bride // Elizabeth Messina.

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas