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August 13, 2018 31 min read

A wedding is about as multifaceted as a diamond ring is. From wedding planners, to decorators, to florists, to caterers, you have plenty of things to think about. The expectation to have the perfect wedding is inevitable, but you don’t have to buckle under the pressure, and that’s where wedding blogs come into place.

If you’re looking for ideas on a specific part of the wedding, check out this roundup article. There are so many options available, but we’ve trimmed down this list to only the ones that have impeccable taste and deliver high-quality content.


Everywhere around the world, someone is probably thinking about finally making that great leap forward and sealing a commitment with a shiny ring and that nerve-wracking walk down the aisle. These blogs will answer all your questions about getting engaged.

Your Engagement 101

When you look at a proposal video going viral, what you’ll focus on will probably be the twitterpating feels of the whole event. But the romantic proposal and the possible wedding that follows actually require elaborate planning and some tough decision-making. Your Engagement 101 will help you out on planning a legendary wedding that’s going to be the talk of the town for ages.

If you’re looking for wedding-proposal ideas, listings of vendors, tips, and even advice for engaged couples, this blog has you covered.

Engagement Experts

Planning to pop the question but don’t know how to make it sweet, witty, and unforgettable all at once? Fret no more. Engagement Experts can give you so many creative and romantic proposal ideas that you’ll end up worrying about which one to try instead. This blog also gives you tips on how to find the perfect ring and make a swoon-worthy proposal speech and clever engagement announcements.

DIY Weddings

If you want to be more hands-on when it comes to planning your wedding and you’re also trying to keep the costs to a minimum, visit these blogs for budget-friendly wedding ideas.

DIY Weddings Magazine

If there’s anyone who knows better what to do for your wedding, it would be none other than another bride. Having walked down the aisle already, these brides know exactly what you need to make the wedding preparations hassle-free and fun at the same time.

DIY Weddings Magazine is a blog and magazine run by brides, and its contributors are among the best photographers and planners in the wedding industry. This resource is mostly about DIY wedding crafts, and readers can share their own creative projects on the website.

Intimate Weddings

Sometimes, it’s not about the number of wedding guests or the scale of elegance; it’s about the depth and meaning of the wedding ceremony. Couples who prefer to take a hands-on approach to their wedding will find Intimate Weddings a valuable companion and resource on all things DIY. Whether it’s making the invites or decorating the reception or coming up with great wedding favors, Intimate Weddings can certainly teach you a thing or two about those.

The Budget Savvy Bride

An unforgettable wedding doesn’t always have to cost you an entire fortune. That is what the people at The Budget Savvy Bride want you to know. You can explore the blog for DIY projects you can use for your wedding and download customizable wedding printables as well. Working on a small budget won’t be a problem when you have The Budget Savvy Bride giving you tips and hacks for an inexpensive but elegant wedding.

Wedding for $1000

How far can your $1,000 go when you’re about to get hitched? When you’re thinking about the wedding garments, food, reception, invitations, flowers, decorations, and gifts, that amount hardly covers even one of these items on the checklist.

Wedding for $1000 isn’t exactly guaranteeing you a wedding that costs exactly that amount, but it will show you a lot of ways to spend only a reasonable amount of money while still pulling off an elegant wedding ceremony and reception. Ideas for DIY wedding projects, looking for the right vendors, and planning the budget are some of the things Wedding for $1000 can help you with.

My Wedding Guides

If there’s anything really frustrating about wedding preparations, it is the lack of options and not having enough information about what you need for your wedding. My Wedding Guides aims to bridge this gap by writing about the bare necessities of weddings, showcasing galleries of wedding ideas and other topics, such as wedding photography, decorations, and hairstyles.


When you’re going for a DIY wedding, you’re probably raring to unleash your creativity and the ideas are just bouncing all over the place. When you don’t quite know what to do, take a look at some of the fancy ideas that Afloral has in store for you. From wedding favors, to tablescapes, to reception decors, this blog has fun and imaginative pieces that will make your wedding well worth all your effort and preparation.


Sometimes, it’s not about the big picture; it’s looking at the minute details that make up the big picture. Imagine one strand in the tapestry snagging. Won’t it ruin the whole thing? That’s also how it is with weddings. If you mess up writing the wedding vows or use the services of an unreliable supplier, you’ll probably end up with unnecessary problems on your wedding day.

Weddingstar is your go-to page if you want to enjoy a problem-free and smooth-sailing wedding. This blog is abundant with planning tips and DIY projects for those who want to take care of all the wedding preparations and prefer a personalized touch to their wedding.

Emmaline Bride

For those who are fans and firm believers of all things DIY, this blog is the one for you. Handmade wedding favors, DIY wedding projects, and fun wedding inspirations are right up the alley of Emmaline Bride’s expertise. That and some really sensible wedding advice from the pros should make your DIY wedding the topic of many dinner conversations and social media shout-outs.

Brenda’s Wedding Blog

Brenda’s Wedding Blog is your match made in heaven when it comes to wedding needs. It has mood boards you can use as inspirations for wedding themes, and it even has unique ideas for wedding favors and invitations.

This wedding blog also has a comprehensive vendor guide and welcomes reader submissions, particularly ones that feature real weddings and styled shoots.

DIY Bride

These days, although hiring wedding planners is the easy and convenient way to go, there still are a number of couples who prefer to do the wedding plans by themselves and literally make everything from scratch. DIY Bride offers support to the DIY bride through its extensive planning resources and list of suppliers. It also offers sound advice with its articles on budget-friendly weddings.

A Bride on a Budget

Just because you’re working on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding of your dreams. With some quick-thinking skills, a whole lot of resourcefulness, and some creative ideas from A Bride on a Budget, your plans for a spectacular wedding will definitely push through.

A Bride on a Budget explores every nook and cranny of budget weddings and helps you find ways where you can cut down on spending yet still have a classy wedding.

Worldwide Weddings

For those who are in love with the world and with their significant other, these blogs are intended for those living outside the United States and for those who want a destination wedding.

French Wedding Style

France is a favorite destination for weddings outside one’s home country. And rightfully so too, as it is the land of castles and is associated with romance. Whether you’re walking down the shores of the picturesque French Riviera or on an aisle in a quaint chateau in Aquitaine, French Wedding Style can make your dreams of a fairy-tale wedding come true.

Founder Laura Payne-Stanley created French Wedding Style to help English-speaking brides look for suppliers in France, making a comprehensive list of vendors in certain areas of France. On the site, she also posts wedding inspirations that capture the French aesthetic. Tres magnifique!

Hello May

Saying hello from the Land down Under is Hello May, a blog that aims to connect would-be spouses with the professionals in the wedding industry. Hello May features works from various wedding vendors, giving readers lots of options when it comes to who will design their invites or plan their wedding and where to get supplies for their wedding needs. Say goodbye to Bridezilla when you check out Hello May.

Love Cherish Adore

From the great and powerful Oz (that’s Australia to you, mate) comes Love Cherish Adore, which keeps you posted on the latest news and trends in south Australia’s wedding industry. The blog’s fab and festive wedding inspirations and styled shoots show the work and products of some of the finest talents in south Australia. Couples won’t be hard-pressed to find suppliers who can make their dream wedding come to life, as Love Cherish Adore has a list of vendors within the area.

Polka Dot Bride

Weddings are beautiful things to witness, especially if they’re well planned, and the blushing bride can only enjoy her grand moment when everything goes off without a hitch. Feel good on your wedding day with Polka Dot Bride, Australia’s offering to the wedding world. The blog is a gold mine of fresh, exquisite inspirations for weddings and also provides a list of vendors for your wedding needs.

Want That Wedding

Whether you want glam, vintage, a destination wedding, or one that’s inspired by nature, go for it. Want That Wedding is ripe with fancy ideas for you to have that wedding you’ve always wanted. This UK-based blog also features snippets of real weddings, which will make it relatively easier for you to envision how your own wedding should play out and look like.

It’s about time for other people to look at your own celebration and say “Oh, I definitely want that wedding.” Check out Want That Wedding now.


Couples tying the knot in Australia and New Zealand don’t need to get all tangled up in the intricacies of planning the most beautiful wedding ever. Nouba is overflowing with great suggestions on wedding themes, and it also features the work of some of the top suppliers in ’Straya. Getting hitched should be a breeze as long as you’ve got the right vendors and creative, foolproof wedding plans.

Love & Lavender

From the Emerald Isle is a blog that was created and is run by a lovely husband-and-wife tandem. Love & Lavender features real weddings, round-up articles, product reviews, and informative how-to guides that will help you as you move forward in your wedding preparations. Check out the blog too for deals and discounts, as well as for printables you can use for your wedding.

Festival Brides

Weddings, despite the solemn, almost-holy air they take on at certain points, are generally festive and full of color and laughter. Love is a feast meant to be enjoyed, after all, and some people may even go so far as having festival-themed weddings. Laura Dunstone saw that as an opportunity to create Festival Brides, where she shares ideas on bohemian weddings and outdoor festival-style weddings, as well as a directory of suppliers for such occasions.

While festival weddings may be a very specific niche, that fact hasn’t deterred Dunstone from gaining a readership of one hundred thousand on her blog.

Magnolia Rouge

Founded by editor Kate Holland, Magnolia Rouge is practically a catalog of various wedding themes that have nature as the ultimate backdrop. Whether in the woods, on the dreamy fields of Provence, or in the deserts of Morocco, a prenup shoot is possible anywhere around the world, whatever your culture, thanks to this blog.

Magnolia Rouge updates its posts twice daily and also has a coffee-table magazine for more fabulous wedding ideas.

Cwtch the Bride

Wales is rich in history and tradition, and its ancient castles and picturesque landscapes make you feel that you’ve walked straight into your own fairy-tale wedding. For a glimpse of the Welsh culture and weddings, check out Cwtch the Bride. This blog features news and the latest in the Welsh wedding industry, as well as resources and tutorials you can use in planning your very own Welsh wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Unique

In a sea of wedding blogs, it will definitely be a challenge to rise above the rest and be the catch of discerning couples out there. That’s why every blog strives to be unique in what it can offer to readers.

Mr. & Mrs. Unique recognizes this need very well, specializing on the more quirky aspects of weddings and other important life events. It connects with the most innovative experts and suppliers in the wedding industry. This blog is also a magazine and an online directory of vendors and has been featured in Vogue Italia and The Daily Telegraph.

One Fab Day

It may be just one fab day, but your wedding takes months or even a year to prepare, and that’s no joking matter at all. Imagine all your hard work going down the drain just because of a tony slip in one of the details. The nine-person team at One Fab Day knows that all too well, and it is committed to delivering only the best and the freshest news in the wedding industry.

This online magazine is based in Dublin and London, but it has a strong following (40,000 subscribers at that), and more than 420,000 followers visit the page every month. If you want the most reliable information on wedding needs and professionals in the industry, just check One Fab Day.

Wedding Inspirations

These blogs address general concerns about planning weddings and where to find the best suppliers. Wedding ideas are simply everywhere on these blogs, all of them exciting and full of creativity and fun.


Swooned draws inspiration from various weddings around the world and creates mood boards that brides and grooms can use as reference for their wedding theme. This gem of a blog also posts nuggets of advice from top wedding professionals and has a search tool you can use to look for wedding ideas.

Swooned also has a shop for choice artisanal goods that you can give away as wedding favors and can provide you with wedding printables that you can customize.

Exquisite Weddings

Your wedding day is among the most special events in your life, and it is only fitting for you to plan it with all they creativity and resourcefulness you can muster. It’s a challenge at times to look for reliable wedding suppliers who can easily envision what you want on your wedding day, but you can always turn to resources like Exquisite Weddings to give you fresh and modern ideas on wedding themes and the latest finds on the bridal runway.

Everything you need to know about planning weddings is at your fingertips when you have Exquisite Weddings to guide you.

On the Go Bride

Couples spend so much time stressing over the fine print and details of the preparations that they forget to have fun while getting themselves ready for one of the biggest adventures of their lives. On the Go Bride makes wedding preparations enjoyable and not too stressful with its refreshing and very comprehensive list of wedding ideas and other wedding needs. Time is gold, for sure, but it won’t hurt if you had fun while you’re planning your wedding.

Bermudian Weddings

This blog is perfect for couples who are planning to get married in Bermuda. As the country is known for its pink-sand beaches and its warm climate, Bermuda is a favorite place for destination weddings.

If you need to find local wedding suppliers, you can count on Bermudian Weddings to help you with that. You can also check out the blog for wedding inspirations and DIY ideas.

Wedding Inspirasi

On any given day and with any look, a woman will always be at her most beautiful, whether she’s busy working or just lounging around at home. On her wedding day, however, she will become even more radiant and gorgeous, and it’s partly because of how she carries herself and that stunning wedding dress.

Wedding Inspirasi showcases the latest on the runways of bridal fashion. As you browse through the collections of both the aspiring designers and the industry greats, your problem isn’t going to be ending up with an ugly dress. Rather, your problem is selecting your favorite from so many delicately lovely pieces.


The road to a happy ever after with your future spouse starts with a flawlessly executed wedding plan. Having seen that the wedding-planning industry has many rooms for improvement, former PR specialist Kellee Khalil founded Lover.ly to address that problem.

Using her know-how of the luxury-wedding industry, she got together with other experts to come up with a one-stop resource for weddings and their many aspects: themes, suppliers, destinations, and even beauty tips.

Burnetts Boards

The best ideas are born when you have lots of inspiration to draw from. At Burnetts Boards, you are treated to entire galleries of mood boards that are rife with exciting and unique ideas for the perfect wedding. Industry professionals won’t be stuck in a rut when styling a wedding photo shoot or planning an event. Meanwhile, couples can look at photos of real-life weddings so they can think about what they want for their own wedding.

One great thing about looking at the Burnett Boards site is that you can browse through the posts according to wedding needs, region, and even color. For those who are very specific about what they want, that’s pretty helpful.

Aisle Planner

Wife-and-husband tandem Christina and Rob Farrow have teamed up with a pool of wedding-industry professionals to come up with practical solutions to your many wedding woes. Aisle Planner is still a resource on wedding ideas, useful tips, and vendor listings, but it’s much more than that. It offers a host of software and other tools you can use to plan and manage tasks within your wedding. Talk about a marriage of convenience.

Aisle Perfect

The culmination of your love and life isn’t the wedding ceremony. When you’re walking down that aisle, you’re also walking toward a new life that also takes on new responsibilities. Aisle Perfect doesn’t just talk about the essentials of planning your dream wedding. It also has lifestyle pieces and articles on parenthood.

Little Wedding Guide

Little Wedding Guide is no small deal at all, as it helps soon-to-be-married couples prepare for their big day by providing an exhaustive list of local wedding vendors. This little-but-powerful blog posts articles sorted according to the planning categories you’re looking into and gives invaluable tips and hacks.

Those who want to venture into the wedding business will also find the blog useful, as it also writes about creating a website that will make your wedding business thrive even more.

Woman Getting Married

There is so much pressure in life already, and a woman getting married feels that pressure even more. The logistics and planning of an extremely successful wedding should fall on the hands of both spouses or of a wedding planner, but there are circumstances when a woman may have to handle those by herself.

For the superwoman bride, Woman Getting Married is her perfect sidekick. This blog is an all-encompassing guide to the various categories of wedding preparations and helps five hundred thousand brides on the average every month.


This blog is not just about being a resource on weddings. One of its offerings to the online community and soon-to-be spouses is its “Ask an Expert” section, where readers get advice not only on wedding plans but also on relationships, especially for when entering the married life. That kind of knowledge is certainly valuable, and Joy is generous enough to pass it around.

Real Weddings

On the outside, weddings look so effortlessly styled and easy to pull off, but in reality, it’s really hard work. After all, you have to keep track of so many things, and sometimes, it’s missing the nitty-gritty of things that will cause plans to tumble like domino tiles.

Real Weddings will help you avoid that kind of problem, though. This online publication covers the most important on bridal fashion, legal concerns, wedding ideas, and dos and don'ts, among many others. Real Weddings also features, well, real weddings and even advice from industry professionals.

Pretty Pear Bride

For the delightfully curvy women out there, Pretty Pear Bride will help get rid of your wedding woes by giving you fresh and novel ideas for one of the most important days of your life. When you walk down the aisle and finally exchange vows with your significant other, you won’t have to worry about an unflattering dress. Pretty Pear Bride has the best recommendations for the latest in plus-size bridal fashion. Only the best for all the sexy, curvy brides.

Classic Bride Blog

Are you a preppy bride or an expert in the wedding industry? Whichever the case may be, you can count on Classic Bride Blog to give you the best and the latest in weddings and their related services. For those couple with an incurable wanderlust CBB also has a honeymoon travel guide, which talks about choice destinations around the world and the lovely landscapes you can see in those places.


A blog is not a mere composite of photos and words. Readers are drawn to the magical storytelling, which is a result of the harmony of powerful photos, witty wordplay, and creative use of colors.

Flutter uses those elements to create gallery upon gallery of wedding ideas that will charm even the most exacting brides and grooms. Whether you’re doing research on the perfect wedding dress or pondering on the fanciest tablescapes, botanic installations, and floral techniques for your wedding day, you can trust Flutter’s recommendations.

Praise Wedding

Although reaching perfection remains arguable and open for a lot of discussion, there’s no doubt that choosing only the best gives you some peace of mind. The team of Praise Wedding is a carefully chosen group of experts certified by the International Wedding Planner Professionals.

You’re sure to get on the right track when it comes to your wedding preparations since you have only the best guiding you along the way, sharing valuable knowledge.

Ultimate Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is not simply about an all-night rager before the bride’s wedding day or sashaying down the aisle with that killer dress. In fact, being a bridesmaid is hardly an easy role to play. Bridesmaids help in planning the bride’s part of the wedding preparations, and an awesome bridesmaid is partly responsible for a wedding ceremony and reception that turn out successful.

Not too many wedding blogs are dedicated to the bridal party, but Ultimate Bridesmaid is here to save bridesmaids everywhere from disastrous bridal showers and awkward speeches. This blog contains basic information about bridesmaids’ duties, tips on how to ace that maid-of-honor speech, and party games that will make guests have the time of their lives.

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Elizabeth Anne Designs has been in the wedding industry for more than a decade, and it certainly means business when it comes to making brides and grooms all over America happy on their wedding day. This blog features real-life weddings, blending excellent photography, great storytelling, and careful attention to details in showing readers how beautiful their wedding can be if they have the right team that can work with them.

Bridal Musings

After saying that coveted yes during the proposal, the bride will be in autopilot mode as she takes on her share of responsibilities in planning the wedding. There are only so many things to take care of, and she will need all the help and luck in the world to make the wedding day a special one.

Bridal Musings stores tons of wedding videos, how-tos, well-styled editorials, and other wedding needs, and the very busy bride will surely appreciate having a resource that can make her wedding plans smooth and easy to carry out.

Wedding Sparrow

Weddings are not just ceremonies where couples exchange rings and vows. Weddings are, in a manner of speaking, a form of art. The wedding dress and other outfits, the decorations, the colors and motifs, and the atmosphere all contribute to form a coherent piece that exudes beauty and elegance.

Wedding Sparrow knows how important it is for various elements of the wedding to be distinctly beautiful yet harmonious when put together, and it is with that purpose in mind that the blog showcases well-curated editorials and galleries of wedding inspirations.

Elegant Wedding Invites

The package is just as important as the contents of the parcel, actually. A sophisticated-looking invitation will make you very curious to read on and imagine what you can expect to see on the wedding day itself when the wedding invite is already a standout on its own.

Elegant Wedding Invites has some of the most amazing suggestions on how to make your wedding invitations special. It’s not just about the invitations, though. This blog also features pieces on how to decorate the reception venue.

Cards and Pockets

If you’re trying to avoid spending too much or getting a bad deal on wedding invitations, you can always make those yourself. The Cards and Pockets blog is a workshop full of ideas for DIY invites. The materials needed are listed on the blog, so if you know how to design and to print invitations, you’ll only need to look for the materials. Easy peasy, huh?

Bride & Blossom

Flowers speak a language of their own, and every flower you pick for your wedding bouquet should not be just some random thought. Each flower is a delicate symbol of a message, so you should choose your blooms carefully. If you want to know more about flower arrangements and want professional help on getting the most romantic floral designs and bridal bouquet, check out Bride & Blossom.

Confetti Daydreams

Though weddings are serious, solemn ceremonies, that doesn’t mean they can’t be romantic and filled with festiveness and laughter. To get inspiration on how to add a touch of romance and dreamlike vibes to your wedding, browse through Confetti Daydreams for wedding exclusives, the most recent wedding trends, and other planning resources.

So You’re Getting Married

So You’re Getting Married gets you the whole kit and caboodle of marriage: planning the perfect wedding, choosing the right wedding outfits, looking your best and most radiant on your wedding, and going to the most romantic honeymoon destination. This blog also features lifestyle pieces you can read and use as guides for when you start the domestic life.

The Perfect Palette

This blog gives you great ideas as to how to play around with color when you’re looking for a motif for your wedding. The clever and artistic use of colors in your decorations, wedding dress, and other details will make your wedding stand out and not look boring, after all.

Aside from picking the right color schemes, The Perfect Palette also shares planning advice and connects you with suppliers within your area through its vendor directory.

Bravo Bride

This blog features real-life weddings, telling stories through the romantic moments captured in photos during the wedding and talking about important wedding details, such as the wedding dress, invites, and styling. Aside from that, the blog also provides wedding ideas and pointers to couples who are planning to get married.

Weddings in the States

If you’re living in US states, these blogs can assist you in locating top-notch suppliers within your region.

Pacific Weddings

As its name implies, Pacific Weddings is all about giving readers information on wedding needs in the Aloha State and the Pacific area. The blog prides itself on being “the first publication of its kind.” It has been in the business since 1999 and is still standing strong today. That’s no easy feat, considering that there are hundreds of wedding blogs out there.

Pacific Weddings shares galleries of the latest wedding inspirations and wedding fashion, as well as a list of vendors located in Hawaii. Readers are just one click away from pulling off a tropical wedding.

Southern California Brides

That glorious sunset view in Southern California make a wonderful backdrop for that beach wedding you’ve always wanted, but you can also seal your vows in the rustic vineyards. Southern California is truly a prime location for any kind of wedding, and Southern California Brides (SCB) can show you that in many ways.

This blog shares different suggestions for a fabulous SoCal wedding or engagement shoot: from elopement, to country, to even old Hollywood. Aside from that, you’ll have an easier time looking for the perfect venue when you check out SCB’s listing of wedding venues.

Capitol Romance

From the West Coast, jet off to Washington, one of the states on the East Coast. DC is the home of the Capitol and of Capitol Romance, a blog that’s an offshoot of founder Bree Ryback’s wedding-coordination business. The DC area is teeming with excellent wedding vendors. Whether it’s florists, caterers, photographers, or event designers, DC brides won’t be at a loss when trying to find them, as they’re listed on Capitol Romance’s directory.

Wisconsin Bride

The success of any event, be it a wedding or a corporate function, lies on the details. The small and intricate parts of the preparation may end up spelling the difference between a disaster and a dream come true. That’s why a magazine like Wisconsin Brides exists, to help couples iron out their wedding plans by providing a comprehensive list of wedding vendors and brilliant ideas for an extraordinary wedding.

Bride Link

Tennessee is home to country music, barbecue dishes, and good old whiskey. If you put those together, you can already have a rollicking good time on your wedding reception. But there are just so many ways you can celebrate your wedding day, and Bride Links is ever at your service.

Bride Links connects the Tennessee bride to many local vendors and shows the latest in wedding trends and bridal fashion. Whether it’s a DIY wedding or a very fancy one, this blog has the right answers.

Manhattan Brides

Manhattan Bride has been in business since 2000, helping brides across America realize their dream weddings. This magazine and blog is rife with ideas for creative wedding themes and the perfect wedding venues. Manhattan Bride also catalogs vendors for specific wedding needs, such as skin care, gown preservation, cinematographers, and even DJs.

Today’s Bride

Another long-running business (twenty-nine years old, phew), Today’s Bride caters specifically to brides in the northeast Ohio area, but its readership is actually far reaching. Aside from the usual fare of wedding ideas and vendor directories, Today’s Bride prints wedding planners twice a year, all in the name of helping out future brides. It also hosts five bridal shows five times a year within northeast Ohio.

The Overwhelmed Bride

Although the Bridezilla image is often exaggerated and relegated as a stereotype, it is nonetheless true to a certain degree. Bridezilla is an ever-present figure in the history of weddings, and oftentimes, the cause is the lack of support or wedding resources.

The Overwhelmed Bride helps overwhelmed brides everywhere by providing tips and tricks that will make even the most elaborate wedding preparations relatively less stressful. This blog is based in Southern California and also offers wedding-coordination services.

Wedding Day

Through the difficult and challenging times, you get by with a little help from your friends. For the baffled bride, this friend is Wedding Day, an online planning tool that will make the wedding preparations more efficient. This practical guide for Midwest brides contains a comprehensive list of wedding vendors, leaving no bride wanting and ensuring a seamless wedding day.

Mountainside Bride

Take your love higher by having a wedding by the mountains. Mountainside Bride is full of stories of real weddings within the areas of Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, Smoky Mountain, Blue Ridge, and New England. The mountains are not just for rustic weddings. In fact, you can have a wedding that involves poetry reading or inspired by white-water rafting.

Mountainside Bride features advice offered by extremely helpful advice on planning weddings and also provides travel information for those who are going on a honeymoon.

Marry Me Tampa Bay

Boasting tranquil water and golden sunsets, Tampa Bay will make you feel as if you were getting married somewhere in the Caribbean. Add to the mix the chill vibes, and you’ve got yourself a taste of the island life. Marry Me Tampa Bay showcases the best of this laidback wedding destination in Florida: the countless picturesque views in suggested local wedding venues, mouthwatering food, the most artistic event stylists.

A wedding in Tampa Bay will hardly be a sleepy event, as Marry Me Tampa Bay has tons of creative wedding inspirations you can choose from. Aside from that, you can also take advantage of promos and discounts and get the latest on bridal expos within the Tampa Bay area.

The Brides of Oklahoma

Brides of the Sooner State, worry no more. The Brides of Oklahoma gives you access to the most reliable and creative wedding vendors in your state. Its magazine counterpart is a pleasant bundle of refreshing wedding ideas, tastefully styled wedding shoots, and carefully curated editorials.

Floridian Social

The Sunshine State is not to be beaten when it comes to game-changing players in the wedding industry. Floridian Social was started in 2011 by two wedding-industry professionals, Laura McGlynn and Laura D’Amato, who wanted couples in South Florida to know their options for wedding inspirations, as well as suppliers. Fresh, tastefully done, original, and eye-catching are just some of the things that land their list of wedding ideas.

Nashville Bride Guide

From the Music City, another wedding blog emerges to help Nashville’s beautiful brides achieve the wedding of their dreams. Nashville Bride Guide (NBG) started in 2016 with the aim of presenting the most current trends in the wedding industry. If you’re looking for breathtaking inspirations for your big day, mosey on down to NBG.

Weddings Illustrated

Another Florida-based blog, Weddings Illustrated is like an entire gallery of wedding ideas and inspirations, as well as mood boards and the latest selections in bridal fashion. The blog is a helpful resource on Florida wedding vendors, DIY wedding projects, and Florida venues.

Southern New England Weddings

New England is known for its fall seasons, when the foliage turns into lovely shades of red, orange, and gold. Those who are looking forward to a fall wedding will love this, and Southern New England Weddings can guide you through that and other wedding themes.

This blog slash magazine showcases the most promising talents in New England when it comes to the wedding industry and also features styled shoots and suggested locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The websites is updated regularly, so readers will never miss out on the latest and the greatest in the wedding industry.

Philly in Love

Philadelphia is not just the City of Brotherly Love. It is also the city of romantic love. Philly in Love is replete with inspirations and articles that will help Philly brides and grooms make their wedding day unforgettable. With Philadelphia’s vibrant and diverse cultural influences, you can only expect a wicked awesome wedding being put together. This blog also has a comprehensive list of local wedding vendors.

Little Vegas Wedding

A Vegas wedding isn’t necessarily the result of having one drink too many and severely impaired judgment and won’t always end in a divorce the morning after. In fact, your own Vegas wedding doesn’t even have to be in a neon chapel with Elvis impersonators as officiants.

Little Vegas Wedding (LVW) is teeming with creative and fresh wedding themes and inspirations that fit any discerning couple’s preferences and wedding budget. An eco-friendly wedding or even a desert wedding is possible, as LVW can connect you to a wide network of wedding-industry professionals.

Bridal Pulse

If you’re from or at the Big Apple, there’s a chance that you’d be like Nivens McTwisp, that white rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland who’s always in a hurry and looking at his pocket watch. The New York minute is very quick, and for the New York bride, each minute is valuable and can make all the difference in planning a wedding.

Bridal Pulse gives you a hand in saving precious time by providing you a list of vendors for wedding dresses, flowers, and other wedding needs. You don’t have to spend hours and hours of research when you’ve got them all listed and are easily accessible. There are fashion and beauty tips too, so you’ll still look fresh as a daisy even when you’re busy being the boss of your own wedding.

Love & Lobster

When you’re in the coastal areas of New England, these two things are treasured most: love and lobster. A wedding there is probably never complete without the finest seafood catch of the day and the familiar smell of the ocean. Love & Lobster shows you how you can spend one of the most important days of your life when you’re in New England.

Check out Love & Lobster to get tips and advice from locals as well as access to the most reputable vendors so you can carry on with the preparation process without any hassle and enjoy the festivities on your wedding day.

Coastal Bride

The chic brides in America’s southeast coast will find the perfect planning partner in Coastal Bride, a blog that features captivating wedding photography, unique wedding ideas, and easy-to-do DIY projects.

Based in South Carolina, this blog also helps Charleston brides find the most talented photographers and other wedding experts through its vendor guide.

Apple Brides

This blog is based in northern Idaho and is definitely a trusty guide for couples who are planning their dream wedding in the Idaho area. Apple Brides prides itself on making couples’ wedding experience a whole lot easier and very much stress-free through its informative articles and creative editorials. Don’t forget to head over to the “Deals” section of the blog for some promos and discounts.

Culture-Specific Weddings

Love isn’t bounded by distance, beliefs, or the color of one’s skin, and these blogs celebrate marriages and weddings across different cultures and faiths, highlighting the diversity and richness of their traditions.

Black Bride

Anyone can be a bride, but the wedding market may find itself lacking a lot of times when it comes to women of color. Black Bride aims to bridge this gap by providing a resource that covers all their wedding needs and guides them in their preparation for the married life.

On her wedding day, a woman, regardless of color and beliefs, should be at her best and her most regal self. With Black Bride, she will, like a queen, walk gracefully down the aisle and be brimming with confidence and poise.

South Asian Brides

The rich and colorful wedding traditions in South Asia are always a beautiful sight to behold. They’re not just about bright and ornate saris and exquisite pieces of gold jewelry, though. These ceremonies hold deep meanings and entail a special kind of preparation.

Sadaf Kherani founded America-based South Asian Brides in order to cater to the very specific needs of a South Asian wedding, from reputable vendors to breathtaking wedding inspirations. The blog also has its magazine counterpart and has a global readership.

The Crimson Bride

This blog was created as a result of CEO Simmi Singh’s frustrations when she was planning her own wedding. She had less than a year to prepare for a grand Indian wedding that cost a lot of money, but she struggled finding vendors and enough resources to pull off a wedding that suited her personal taste.

South Asian and Indian couples need all the information they can get on planning their wedding, and The Crimson Bride is very much willing to help couples look for the most trusted vendors in Australia.

Modern Jewish Wedding

The Jewish wedding is steeped in tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. Even until today, these traditions are very much alive. Modern Jewish Wedding is the right place for couples who want a traditional Jewish wedding or incorporate some Jewish elements to their wedding.

Aside from featuring real-life Jewish weddings and advice from industry professionals, the blog also gives out tips for all kinds of events in the Jewish life cycle.

Smashing the Glass

Smashing the Glass focuses on traditional Jewish weddings as well as interfaith Jewish weddings. Karen Cinnamon, the blog’s founder and editor, says Smashing the Glass is the world’s biggest blog on jewish weddings, and she personally handpicks the vendors she recommends on the blog.

The blog features well-written content that reaches out both to the Jewish traditions and the personalized aspects of a wedding.


This blog covers, well, the mazel moments in the Jewish life cycle: weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other parties. If you’re looking for kosher food and entertainment, Judaica, and other party needs, you can use Mazelmoments’ extensive list of party professionals to look for credible suppliers.

Latino Bride and Groom

This blog celebrates the colorful and meaningful heritage and traditions of the Latino culture. Those who have the Latino roots but live or were born in the United States will find Latino Bride and Groom (LBG) invaluable in planning weddings that combine the best of their multicultural heritage. From classic Latino food, to wedding customs, to everyday living, LBG has answers for you.

Nu Bride

In a culturally diverse area such as the United Kingdom, inclusivity is oftentimes a problem. The dearth of options may be frustrating for multiracial couples planning to get married. Nova Reid, a writer and holistic therapist, saw the need for a wedding blog that caters to all kinds of women, regardless of body shape or ethnicity, and founded Nu Brides.

The blog aims to provide practical advice to women of color who are planning a wedding. It also offers guidance on relationships and other aspects of the wedding that can affect a bride’s emotional well-being.

Black Southern Belle

The Southern belle is a master at planning weddings and hosting gatherings and all sorts of parties, and the African American woman who was born and raised or has roots in the South is no exception. Black Southern Belle talks about weddings, travel, fashion, home decor, and of course, the Southern lifestyle, but it centers on the African American women.

Spoken Bride

There are numerous wedding blogs that feature all sorts of wedding themes, but there aren’t too many that are tailored specifically for Catholic brides. Spoken Bride dedicates itself to creating a resource and vendor directory for Catholic weddings. Matrimony is a sacred sacrament, after all, and couples should uphold the highest values of the Catholic faith in their union.

Nigerian Wedding Blog

Traditional Nigerian weddings are rich in meaning and color, a celebration of the union of two families and full of symbols. Nigerian Wedding Blog features such weddings as well as those that are a cross between the traditional and the modern weddings. Readers can get to know more about the Nigerian culture by looking at the outfits and reading about family introductions and other pre wedding ceremonies that are unique to different ethnic groups within Nigeria.

MunaLuchi Bride

As weddings are also manifestations of culture, it is important to have wedding blogs that address the needs of women in such a way that considers a culture-sensitive perspective. MunaLuchi Bride specializes in multicultural weddings and aims to show powerful, positive images of brides regardless of skin color and body shape.

LGBT Weddings

True love does not discriminate. It celebrates differences, respect, and equality. Take a look at these blogs for some information on and inspiration for same-sex weddings.

H & H Weddings

This blog is centered on LGBT weddings and aims to connect couples with its wide and carefully selected list of vendors through its vendor guide. Any couple would want to have only the best on their wedding day, after all, and H & H Weddings wants to be a part of such a joyous occasion by providing high-quality content that couples can use as their planning guide.

The Gay Wedding Guide

This award-winning blog is based in the United Kingdom and contains well-written articles and tutorials that will help your wedding be as hassle-free and as memorable as it can be. The Gay Wedding Guide features styled shoots and the latest trends in LGBT weddings, so you should be able to pick up an idea or two about planning your own wedding.

If you’re looking for reception venues and honeymoon destinations, don’t worry. This guide can help you out on those too.

A Bicycle Built for Two

This blog is a celebration of love that doesn’t discriminate or choose sides, and the real weddings featured in every post share inspirations and ideas that any couple in love can use on their special day. A Bicycle Built for Two also has a vendor guide you can use to find suppliers anywhere in the United States.


Same-sex couples in the USA or in Australia can rely on this blog for relevant and accurate information on vendors whom they can work comfortably with on their wedding. From caterers, to florists, to bands, to hotels, Pridezillas leaves no stone unturned, and you can search the vendors according to region or wedding needs. The blog also features news on LGBT wedding expos.

Wedding Photography

When the flowers have withered and the dresses have yellowed or have been eaten by moths, the memories of your wedding day will live on. Through pictures, retell the story of your ultimate celebration of love and commitment.

Mike Olbinski

A picture paints a thousand words, and it certainly takes a master storyteller with an expert eye to say the right words using only photos. Emmy-winning photographer Mike Olbinski has had his works featured in magazines and documentaries, and if you want someone who can capture the emotions and create powerful memories of your wedding day, this guy’s for you.

Melissa Jill

Styled shoots, whether for engagements or weddings, are becoming very popular these days, but it’s not just about striking wacky or romantic poses and showing off glossy pictures to wedding guests. You need someone like Melissa Jill to preserve every careful detail and turn it into a cherished memory you and your friends and family can look back on years and years after your wedding day.

Groom Blogs

Grooms have their own share of responsibilities for the wedding preparations. Don’t be a clueless groom. Start checking out the blogs below.

The Plunge

Planning a wedding is traditionally designated as a woman’s responsibility, but everyone knows that it’s both the bride and the groom who are responsible for this big (and very expensive) moment in this lives.

The Plunge is a manual for men who are taking the plunge and will soon walk down the aisle. The blog is full of suggestions for engagement proposals, groomsmen gifts, outfits for the groom and his crew, and of course, the groom duties. A little manhandling of this kind will certainly make the future spouse happy.

Trendy Groom

The groom is just as responsible as the bride is in making the wedding preparations, and Trendy Groom can help all troubled grooms out there solve their wedding dilemmas. Proposal ideas, outfits for the groom and his party, and wedding inspiration can be found on this blog.

Well-Groomed Blog

Although every day is always a good reason for a man to dress nicely, his wedding day gives him the extra push to look dapper and dashing in a bespoke suit and well-fitting pants. In case he’s out of ideas on how to look like a true gentleman on his special day, he can always browse Well-Groomed for inspiration and sartorial suggestions. After all, looking good and respectable is never out of fashion.

Green Weddings

Sustainable development is a goal everywhere, and that includes all aspects of human life. If you want to get married without compromising the delicate state of our environment, read the blogs below.

Eco-Beautiful Weddings

Although you want your wedding day to be special and beautiful, keep in mind that you shouldn’t waste money and the earth’s dwindling resources for that purpose. Eco-Beautiful Weddings helps you plan a wedding that incorporates sustainable, earth-friendly styles and gives you access to green suppliers through its vendor guide.

The Natural Wedding Company

The Natural Wedding Company is made for couples who want a chic but socially conscious wedding. An elegant wedding that doesn’t take a toll on the environment is still possible, and The Natural Wedding Company’s network of artisan suppliers in the wedding industry can help you achieve that.


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