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November 09, 2021 2 min read

You want all your friends and family to be able to enjoy your big day. That means setting up a special place for children to socialize and dine.

Little ones might not want to eat what you serve on your typical menu. Here’s what to provide at the kids’ table on your big day.

1. Create Less Mess Stress

You don’t have to worry about vacuuming and cleaning stains from your carpet if you host your reception at a restaurant or other staffed venue. If throwing a DIY backyard bash, you know to empty the dishwasher before your event and put out plenty of trash bags and recycling bins to minimize your post-party cleanup duties.

However, you don’t have to serve sloppy joes or anything that could leave tiny handprints on your white gown should a little one approach you for a hug. Look for less messy ways to serve popular kids’ foods. For example, frozen popsicles make a cleaner alternative to ice cream, and corn dogs rule over hot dogs laden with mustard and ketchup.

2. Go With Classic Favorites

Children lack the sophisticated taste bud palette of adults, and serving them a gourmet meal may result in refusals to eat. Why fight nature, especially on your big day?

You can’t go wrong with classic favorites like chicken tenders and mac & cheese. You can even consider treats like trail pizza — few little ones will turn up their noses at a slice or two.

3. Include Them in Every Course

kid's table

Depending on how fancy your main meal is, you might have multiple courses. Don’t let your youngest guests go hungry while everyone else nibbles. They probably won’t touch those sushi rolls.

If you’re serving an appetizer course, whet the littlest whistles with game-day veggie dip cups or fruit “bug” snacks. Both recipes are simple for your caterer or venue to prepare, and they provide healthy phytonutrients without ruining small appetites.

4. Honor Special Dietary Needs

Children can have food allergies, too. Some rank as severe. Provide a place on your invitations for guests to indicate any dietary restrictions and honor them.

It might also be wise to serve meals that avoid the eight most common allergens — just in case one of your guests is undiagnosed. You don’t want a medical emergency interrupting your festivities.

What to Serve at the Kids’ Table

Your youngest guests deserve to participate in all the wedding fun, too. Consider the above tips for what to serve at the kids’ table so they can enjoy your big day.