by Dylan Bartlett August 04, 2020 2 min read

As the happy couple, all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle. Brides often spend hours, even weeks, agonizing over the perfect gown, but what about the XY set? Guys need to look their best, too. That means choosing between a tuxedo or a suit in most cases — so how can you decide this tiny detail? 

1. How Formal Is Your Affair?

If you are having a white-tie wedding, you may need to rent a tuxedo with tails if you don’t own one. This designation signifies the ultimate in formality, and nothing but a penguin suit will do. However, if you aren’t going for an elite evening soiree, you have more flexibility in your choices. 

Your attire for a beach wedding, for example, may consist of a pastel-colored suit with trousers you can roll at the bottom. If you are saying “I do” during the summer, lightweight linens keep you cool and comfy, while wool suits keep you toasty on the most frigid winter days. 

2. Is Your Suit Bespoke or Made-to-Measure? 
suit & boutonniere

For a suit that fits like a glove, go for a bespoke suit. Made-to-wear versions involve the tailor adjusting a typical size-44 jacket. However, with a bespoke suit, they use a fresh pattern instead of the standard, which doesn’t let them overlook a single detail. 

If you are a hard-to-fit size, going with this option may represent your most flattering fit. If you don’t own a tuxedo, you’ll have to rent one, and that doesn’t allow for significant personalization or alterations. 

3. What Is the Other Party Wearing?

If your bride is wearing a floor-length gown with a considerable train, you have to up the formality of your attire and possibly go the tuxedo route. However, if she opts for less British royalty-like garments, you have more flexibility. 

What if your future spouse is of the same sex? You can go with a similar-shaped suit in different colors or pair your hues while wearing different cuts. 

4. Consider Your Groomsmen 
close up of suit

Groomsmen should mimic the groom’s style, so if you go the tuxedo route, they should, too. However, if one or more members of your party wears a hard-to-fit size, they might feel uncomfortable. To make them feel less awkward, go the suit route and allow each individual to select the most flattering jacket for their body type. 

Tuxedo or Suit? Which is Right for Your Wedding?

When it comes to your big day, you want to look your stylish best. Only you can decide if you should go tuxedo or suit — but now you know your options. 

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