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September 20, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: Transporting Decor to the Venue


When planning your wedding budget, you can save money by taking the DIY route whenever possible. Your decor is one item that falls under this rule — why pay a florist a fortune when arrangements are simple enough to make yourself?


However, you have to find a way to get your carefully arranged bouquets and party favors to the ceremony and reception hall without wrecking your hard work. Here are four tips for transporting decor to the venue.


1. Invest in a Trailer


A trailer is the way to go if you have a lot of decorations. You can get everything covered in one fell swoop. You have two options: rent or buy. Buying is a great choice because you can talk with your dealer to select what you want. You can also review guides online to determine the best option.


Your other option is to rent a trailer, which you can do at most big-box hardware stores or U-Haul facilities. Either way, be sure your vehicle is up to the task before you drop your dollars on the counter. A blown engine will render your big day DIY savings moot as you’ll have to spend it all on repairs.


2. Rent a Truck or Van


Maybe you don’t need quite as much space. If so, why not consider renting a truck or van? Once again, big box hardware stores offer options, but what if you want something classier than a beat-up orange and white pickup?


Talk to your nearest car rental facility. Are you getting married young? You might want someone over 25 to handle the transport, as they’ll enjoy much better rental rates.


3. Team Up


There’s no need to spend a dime on rental vehicles if you have a big enough tribe. Can you recruit wedding party members to help you set up before the big day?


Coordinate with your venue and ensure they’ll allow sufficient time. For example, you should allot 30 minutes for tables and chairs alone if your reception hall doesn’t provide them. Then, you’ll have to get artistic with the arrangements.


4. Make Multiple Trips


This last tip is only for the most desperate. The climate crisis is real, and all that driving back and forth creates countless emissions.


However, you do have the option to make multiple trips to deliver your decor. You’ll have to budget considerable extra time — what if an accident or traffic jam delays you? This option is best for small affairs where you only have to make two or three trips.


Getting Decor to Your Wedding Venue Safely and Efficiently


You can save a bundle by DIYing your wedding decor. However, you have to get it to the ceremony. Follow these tips for transporting supplies to your venue. You can get everything arranged beautifully on the cheap if you carefully plan.