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October 26, 2021 2 min read

Hitting the road for your honeymoon has a ton of advantages. You don’t have to apply for a passport or pass through security to board a plane, and everything you need is right in your vehicle. Why not travel in style via recreational vehicle?

Here are five tips for planning the perfect RV honeymoon.

1. To Rent or Buy?

What if you don’t own an RV? You don’t necessarily have to purchase one to enjoy this honeymoon idea. Nowadays, you can find RV rental companies that offer guarantees — you have recourse if your ride breaks down during your trip. Sometimes, you can find even better bargains on sites like Airbnb, and you can always take out a loan if you want to buy.

With that in mind, an RV can be a fabulous investment. If you and your spouse plan on buying land and building a home, you can live in it while you undergo construction. You also gain an asset that you can use for your vacation pleasure or rent out on weekends — your new ride could pay for itself if you’re savvy.

2. Do a Test Run

If you’ve never driven anything bigger than a sports car, you have a bit of a learning curve when you get behind the wheel of an RV. These big rigs don’t maneuver the same way smaller vehicles do. Give yourself an extra day or two to get used to your ride before you depart and stay in the right lane to let other drivers pass you, especially on steep hills.

3. Pick the Ideal Location

road through forest

Where should you go on your RV honeymoon? It all depends on the mood you want to create.

You can find destinations far from the grid and other people, particularly if you head west. However, if you want amenities like cafeterias and play areas for children who might accompany you, it’s best to stick to designated campgrounds. You’ll find the cost of rental space far more affordable than a hotel room.

4. Pack Everything You’ll Need

The best part about an RV honeymoon is that you can pack everything you need. Pick up your ride a day or two before you depart and store all the essentials like contact lens cases and solution so that you don’t have to interrupt your holiday with a run to the nearest pharmacy. You should also stash plenty of hygiene supplies, including masks — COVID-19 restrictions continue to vary from place to place.

5. Include a Little Mobile Romance

Remember to bring along a little something romantic for your mobile love nest. You can find electric candles at nearly any dollar store to create ambiance. A sprinkle of rose petals and perhaps a chocolate or two on your pillows recreates the luxury spa experience on the road.

Plan the Perfect RV Honeymoon

Hitting the road for your post-wedding getaway has multiple advantages. Plan the perfect RV honeymoon with these tips.