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August 18, 2020 2 min read

You want your wedding day to be picture-perfect, with everything in its proper place. That said, crime doesn’t stop for your convenience. It’s essential to account for security so your special occasion can proceed without a sudden emergency or unwanted guests. So what should you know about the subject of security when you say, “I do?”

The following five tips will help dispel any dark clouds on the horizon.

1. Consider How to Handle Gifts 

While you don’t want to think about anyone swiping mementos from friends and relatives, wedding gift theft does occur. What can you do to prevent someone from taking off with your gift card box and heading for the hills? 

One way is to send your guests an online registry and send gifts to your home instead of bringing them on the big day. If you have a gift table, place it far from the exit to make it more challenging for thieves to grab-and-go.

2. Treat the Door Like a Nightclub Entrance

Who perpetrates evil deeds like gift theft? If you thought wedding crashers were adorable bumblers like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the movie with the same name, think again. However, you can nag the crooks by installing a video doorbell if you plan on hosting at your home. Otherwise, considering hiring security or alerting an attendant at your reception hall to remove the invader. 

3. Choose Your Venue Carefully

Hopefully, you asked your venue challenging questions about how they keep your guests safe during COVID-19. Don’t get shy when it comes to asking about personal or property security, either. Ask about evacuation plans in case of disaster, and inquire about whether the area has a reputation for crime. 

4. Protect Your Guests' Belongings

lock with heart on it

One detail that costs little but increases security significantly is installing handbag hooks underneath your reception tables. If your venue doesn’t have these pre-installed, ask if you can add them — the hardware costs little. Your guests will appreciate that thieves would have to climb under their seating area to walk off with their wallets — less chance of their belongings coming up missing.

5. Ensure Everyone Gets Home Safe 

You don’t want people to remember your big day as the time when Uncle Joe got a DUI for having one too many at your reception. Consider investing in a shuttle service to save your guests the frustration of traffic and finding parking — and possibly getting a criminal record. 

Keep Security in Mind on Your Big Day 

You don’t want to worry about crime casting a dark cloud over your special day in the sun. When planning your wedding, keep security in mind.