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March 16, 2021 2 min read

When you get married with children, you face a whole new ballgame regarding your post-nuptial vacation. You could hire a sitter, but you want your little ones to enjoy the trip if you plan to take them with you.

With that in mind, here are four tips for helping your kids have fun on your honeymoon.

1. Choose a Kid-Friendly Destination

You already know that an adults-only resort is off the list. However, some travel destinations work better for newlyweds with children than others. If you plan on taking off on multiple couples-only excursions, you might feel more secure staying stateside than wondering about your children’s whereabouts in a foreign country.

Florida and California make popular destinations because of the numerous family-friendly attractions. Tampa Bay alone has six amusement parks within easy driving distance.

2. Plan Activities That Involve Them

Are you hoping your honeymoon will help cement your new family? Planning activities together is the perfect way to strengthen your bond. Imagine your child’s wonder when you swim with the dolphins or make your way through that challenging escape room through teamwork.

3. Select a Resort With Onsite Babysitting

kid with parent

Honeymoon resorts understand that adults sometimes need to celebrate their union without children present. When booking your reservations, look for those with onsite babysitting and childcare services. You might drop your little ones off at the playroom while you go deep-sea fishing or have a sitter stay in your room while you enjoy an elegant night on the town.

4. Take Along Some Toys

Your honeymoon isn’t the time to harp on your children about limiting their screen time. If they want to play video games for most of their vacation, let them use their phone or tablet without restriction.

Younger children might feel less anxious if you take along some of their favorite familiar toys. You should also inform your venue that you have little ones in tow — they might provide a welcome care package of activity books, crayons and small toys.

Help Your Kids Have Fun on Your Honeymoon With These Tips

If you’re taking your kids on your post-wedding vacation, you want them to enjoy it, too. Follow the four tips above for family honeymoon fun for everyone.