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October 05, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: Getting Creative With Wedding Favors

One of the most entertaining aspects of planning your wedding is creating small gifts for each guest. They thank those in attendance while letting you showcase your artistic skills.


Where can you have this much fun outside elementary school arts and crafts class? Here are five tips for getting creative with wedding favors.

1. Test Your Luck

Many party favors aren’t things your guests will use, but everyone likes fun and games. Consider miniature versions of game night favorites to give your guests something to do while they wait for you to manage photographs. That teeny Connect Four board won’t end up in the recycling bin — it will get used again and again during long, boring road trips.


Another idea — why not introduce a chance to earn some cash? Providing a scratch-off lottery ticket as part of your favor gives your guests a thrilling rush while raising money for great causes like supporting public schools.

2. Include Sweet Things

Guests appreciate a chance to freshen their breath and sugar provides an instant energy rush. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional neatly decorated bag of tasty mints or candies to thank your invitees.


What should you include? It’s best to include a mix, even if you’re a devoted choc-o-holic. Some people have allergies to chocolate, but relatively few struggle with hard candies or mints. You can also offer a few sugar-free selections for those with diabetes.

3. Give Practical Items

Gifts that come in handy win your guests’ hearts, so give the gift of personal grooming. You can find tons of inexpensive sets.


For example, mini shaving kits help the guys keep their necks neat, while small toiletries like lotion and body spray sets create a signature scent. Your guests will thank you the next time they travel and already have the perfect purse or briefcase-sized pack.

4. Go Double-Duty on Florals

If you scored with a great florist, let them design your favors. They can coordinate your gifts to go with your overall decor.


For example, are you planning a southwest theme? A miniature cactus makes a fantastic favor and looks lovely on tables surrounding a larger succulent centerpiece.   

5. Delight the Kids

Do you plan to include the youngest family members in your festivities? Why not delight them and the young at heart with your favors?


You can even be sustainably romantic — create some recycled crayon hearts and include a mini coloring book. This mindfulness activity is appropriate for guests of all ages.

Finding Unique and Helpful Wedding Favors

Your favors are your opportunity to have a bit of fun. Why not let your ingenuity soar?


Consider the ideas above for getting creative with wedding favors. You can delight your guests with original reminders of your big day that don’t cost much cash.