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August 03, 2021 2 min read

You want your wedding to be as unique as your love. The magic all starts with the image you create. Here are four fun ways to personalize your decor for your big day.

1. Take a DIY Approach

Who said that you had to let a professional florist arrange your bouquet and other flowers? It doesn’t take much savvy to DIY such decor, and you can practice using dollar store plastic versions before graduating to real — and more expensive — blooms.

There’s no need to let blossoms steal the entire show, however. For example, if you are auto enthusiasts, you and your spouse-to-be could DIY model cars as part of your decor. You might even give some away as thank you gifts to your wedding party.

The trick is to let your wedding decor reflect your unique personality. It’s your big day — if you want a black dahlia bouquet to toss, followed by driving off into the sunset in a monster truck instead of a limo, go for it.

2. Adopt a Theme

Maybe you and your sweetie bonded over your mutual belief that Samwise Gamgee is the best fictional character ever penned. If so, why not throw a “Lord of the Rings” themed wedding? You could even go in costume as Sam and Rosie.

You can create a theme around anything you and your love adore. You can look to popular movies, books and TV shows for inspiration, or go with something more general, like boho chic.

3. Unite With Color


Another way you can personalize your decor is by incorporating your favorite colors. Yes, this advice tidbit includes rocking a black wedding gown instead of the traditional white if that’s your yen.

You can symbolize your union by using your partner’s favorite color along with yours when creating your theme. Play with hues to make it look adorable. For example, emerald green and red might smack too much of the holidays for a summer wedding — but you could do a seafoam shade with a coral.

4. A Little Taste of Home

You know the old saying, “something borrowed, something blue.” Why not make your “something old” come from your house?

If you and your partner recently bought a home together or plan to cohabitate, your decor can go on to adorn your new abode. This tip helps you to save cash while decreasing your carbon footprint — reduce and reuse, baby.

Personalize Your Big Day Decor These 4 Fun Ways

Your wedding day offers the chance to be as creative as you like with the impression you make for your guests. Personalize your big day decor in these four fun ways.