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November 10, 2020 2 min read

You don’t want to think of a freak storm interrupting your wedding vows. However, if there’s one thing you can’t control, it’s the weather.

Does that mean you should pass on your dream of an outdoor wedding? Absolutely not — but you should take heed of these tips.

1. Have Shelter Available

The best way to ensure that you and your guests stay dry is to find a venue with available shelter. Many parks have cover, but make sure you visit the location before booking. One that features pergola-style structures instead of gazebos or pavilions might not protect you from the elements.

Remote locations aren’t ideal if you live in a disaster zone. Some Midwest tornados clock wind speeds of around 111 to 115 miles per hour — meaning your decor won’t weather the elements.

2. Keep Parking Nearby


When thunder rolls, you don’t want to have to walk half a mile to your car to get your umbrella. Select a venue with parking close to your tents or pavilions so that guests can make a dash and grab for supplies.

3. Provide Climate Control

You planned an outdoor wedding in Phoenix. While you may enjoy 80-degree temperatures in December, don’t expect to feel cozy in that sleeveless gown once the sun sets. Because of the lack of rainfall and humidity, temperatures can plummet 25 degrees or more at night.

An ample supply of patio heaters can rescue your soiree from shivers. Likewise, fans provide a cool breeze on the most humid days. In arid regions, misters can drop your body temperature without deflating your ‘do.

4. Bring Supplies

Finally, you can’t rely on your guests to be boy and girl scouts. Some folks will forget sweaters and umbrellas even if you include weather advisories in your invitations.

Bring a few extra supplies for those guests who forget. You can also get creative with your favors. For example, your invitees will use a misting spray fan again and again at their kids’ soccer practices and remember your big day fondly each time.

Sail Through Inclement Weather on Your Big Day

As much as you want to order a sunny-side-up day for your wedding, you can’t control the weather. Keep these tips in mind for your big day.