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March 09, 2021 2 min read

If you’re an older couple about to get married, you have considerations that your younger peers don’t need to think about. Before you walk down the aisle, check out these five tips. They’ll ensure you have the best ceremony possible.

1. Organize Your Finances

When you’re older, you often have more material things to protect. Many popular financial experts recommend prenuptial agreements — is one right for you? It might be if you want to protect your assets to pass down to your children.

You also know what can happen when sudden shifts of fate affect your finances. Evaluate your life insurance needs. If you still have kids at home or remain in the workforce, you may need to replace your partner’s income if the worst happens.

2. Combine Your Belongings

You’ve had a lifetime to accumulate stuff — but fitting two households into one structure can make for a cluttered home. Now’s the time to sort and donate or sell.

When you do, make it a team effort. You’ll learn new things about your partner that can make you feel closer.

3. Start New Traditions

older couple together

You probably both have traditions unique to your old lives. Creating new ones can help to cement your bond.

Establish a standing date night, especially if you’re combining two families with children. Even small details like always meal-prepping together after Saturday grocery shopping creates a sense of “we are one.”

4. Coordinate Family Schedules

If your new spouse has children they co-parent, your schedule can get hectic. It can become twice so if you also have a full house.

Create a family schedule and post it on your refrigerator so that everyone is on the same page about important events like upcoming tournaments. Better yet, consider downloading an app to help you all synchronize watches.

5. Maintain Your Interests

Newlywed life is blissful. Of course, you want to spend every second with your new partner, but it’s vital to maintain outside interests.

Think of it this way — if you can’t stand football, how long will you be happy spending every Sunday on the couch?  Keeping your exercise date with your buddy helps prevent the resentmentthat can fester from too much togetherness.

Heed These 5 Tips for Older Couples Getting Married

If you are an older couple getting married, heed these five tips. You’ll feel more relaxed on your big day knowing that you took care of these details.