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December 21, 2021 2 min read

Planning your wedding becomes much more exciting after picking a theme. Many brides love adding a rustic feel to their big day because it’s more laid back and environmentally focused.

Check out these five tips for a more rustic ceremony to see if your wedding could become even better with the enchanting theme.

1. Host Your Ceremony Outside

Rustic events remind guests of what it’s like to be outside. Venues often decorate with plenty of greenery to bring the outdoors inside, so why not move your ceremony into your backyard?

Whether you say your vows under a backyard sunset or at a professional outdoor venue, immersing everyone in the environment will emphasize your rustic theme.

2. Incorporate Natural Elements

You can also incorporate more natural elements into your decor. Wicker chairs and baskets would look perfect around your ceremony area. Add a tree swing to your reception, hang lanterns from garlands or light your ceremony with candles in wooden holders. Minor details will still stand out and make your wedding a rustic dream.

3. Utilize Your Shed

A shed can be the perfect addition to any rustic wedding. With the right decorations, like a wreath or flower garland, it could become your altar backdrop. You could also leave it open for the night and transform it into a backyard bar.

The shed’s appearance is what will make or break this part of your wedding planning. Think about how you could decorate the one you have or design a shed with 3D imaging to build a fun wedding feature you can continue using long after your big day.

4. Wear Comfortable Footwear

wedding footware

Fancy fashion statements look out of place against the laidback scenery of a rustic wedding. Don’t forget to lean into the comfortable theme by skipping high-end footwear.

Walk down the aisle in a sleek pair of flats or ask your groom to match his suit with sneakers that use colors in your wedding theme. Guests can also wear comfortable clothes to fit right in with your dreamy theme.

5. Find the Right Flowers

Muted flowers, autumn petals and pastel shades work best with rustic weddings. Bright flowers with bold colors will stick out too harshly against your decor and venue.

Look for inspiration by checking out fall flower arrangements or pastel blooms. You’ll still dazzle while holding your bouquet without breaking away from the theme that captured your heart.

Plan a More Rustic Ceremony

Anyone can use these tips for a more rustic ceremony on their big day. Think about which elements make your heart skip a beat to plan the best wedding possible while staying within your rustic theme.