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March 23, 2021 2 min read

If you you’re looking to get your husband a gift, and he’s a sports fan, count your blessings. Their fanaticism makes your job a breeze!

Here are five gifts that are sure to delight your spouse.

1. Outfit Them for the Game

Your husband’s favorite sports jersey says a lot about what kind of fan they are. Plus, they’ll need something else to wear on alternating days if they have MLB season tickets and itch to return to the stands instead of watching live-streamed games.

You don’t necessarily have to go the jersey route. Outfitting them with more unconventional paraphernalia, such as a neon-green snapback cap, can keep them looking sharp even when they wake up with an unruly mop.

2. Decorate Their Man-Cave

Does your new marital home contain a she-shed for you and a man-cave for him? Why not help him outfit his den?

You can find super comfy sports pillows and comforters — get him a Sherpa-style throw or a stadium blanket to stay warm while he sips brewskis and watches the big game.

3. Provide a Workday Break

baseball arena

Grinding perpetually without taking a break can negatively impact your man’s productivity. Why not give them a gift that lets them get a little brain-relief?

You can find desktop golf and field goal games that challenge their motor skills. Alternatively, put their neurons to work on a different task with a sports management computer game that can provide needed relief when they can’t figure out why their balance sheet is out of whack.

4. Get Ready to Tailgate

Does your spouse-to-be live for tailgate parties? Help them throw the best one ever with accessories for their ride.

Your mate can cook up burgers and dogs to the ideal internal temperature on a miniature grill designed for the tailgate set. If they already have one, why not delight them with a new accessory kit? You can also get their car detailed for them so they aren’t embarrassed to show off their ride.

5. Tickets to the Game

Depending on your mate’s favorite sport, they might have to wait a little longer to return to the stands. However, in-person play is returning with the arrival of vaccines.

Why not delight your mate with tickets to the game? You can plan your getaway as part of your honeymoon or celebrate your two-month or three-month anniversary.

Delight Your New Sports Fan Husband With These Five Gifts

If your spouse is a sports fan, your job of finding the gift is a snap. Consult the list above, and you’re sure to delight them!