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October 05, 2021 2 min read

Your wedding photos will capture some of life’s most special memories. They should look perfect, but that requires a bit of planning between you and your photographer.

While a professional photographer will have ideas for wedding portraits and poses, you can suggest some ideas to personalize your pictures.

These are five fun focal points for your wedding photos that will make your big day and every picture even more memorable.

1. Write Sweet Love Letters

Engaged couples often write love letters to each other and open them before their ceremony. You can stand on either side of a door or outdoor fixture and read them together while your venue forms your backdrop. While you’re working through drafts, capture your love in writing by mentioning why you’re marrying your fiance and why you fell in love with them. The photographer can even snap a few close-ups on the letters or envelopes while you read.

2. Rent a Creative Vehicle

You can also rent a vehicle that celebrates your life together. Pose in a vintage car if you or your fiance adore car shows or use a rented fire truck as your backdrop for a pop of color and creativity.  It’s the perfect way to celebrate your careers as emergency responders. Just make sure that you’re taking the best pictures possible, with good lighting and the right angles.

3. Hang Neon Signs

couple in paris

Anyone can order personalized neon signs and hang them for wedding photo backdrops. Have an artist craft your new last name in your favorite color or your favorite romantic quote. They’re easy to hang and plug in at any venue, so brush up on your ironing skills to ensure that you and your partner will look perfect around the extra lighting when it’s time for pictures.

4. Open a Champagne Bottle

Getting married is a massive celebration, so champagne bottles make fun focal points for your wedding photos. Your photographer can capture the moment the cork pops and the fizzy drink cascades down the bottle. Anyone can learn to open a champagne bottle safely while having fun and using the celebratory spray as a fun moment for photos.

5. Use Family Heirlooms

You may have family heirlooms woven into your ceremony, so use them as portrait focal points. Pose while putting on your grandmother’s earrings or while your partner puts on his father’s wedding tie. You’ll treasure capturing them on film, especially if they get lost with time.

Find Fun Focal Points

There are many fun focal points for your wedding photos that can celebrate your lives or personalities. Think about what you want to see in the pictures hanging around your home and in photo albums. You’ll find interesting features that make incredible pictures and stand out from traditional wedding photography backgrounds.