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November 30, 2021 2 min read

Planning your ceremony and reception requires a lot of attention, but many brides forget to consider how they’ll leave after their last dance.

You’ll need transportation to get back to your hotel or jet off on your honeymoon. Ensure you avoid these common mistakes when choosing a getaway car.

1. Leaving Your Planner at Home

Rental managers may schedule your vehicle right away if you fall in love with it. Bring your planner or virtual calendar to any visit. You’ll need to know your post-wedding plans, like if you’ll leave for your honeymoon right away or stick around town for a brunch celebration.

2. Getting Something Too Small

The dreamiest rental won’t be worth your money if it’s too small to accommodate your dress. Check that the driver’s or passenger’s seat has enough space for your ball gown skirt without getting it tangled in the door or under the pedals.

3. Overlooking Classics

bride and groom in red getaway car

Even if you don’t know anyone with a classic car, it could make a great getaway vehicle for your wedding. Meet with a broker first to arrange transportation. They’re known for connecting people with reliable companies that will transport your favorite model to your venue and back. Use this chance to live your dreams and have a bit of extra fun by indulging your passion for antiques.

4. Forgetting Your Car

If your budget can't cover a rental vehicle, you can always use your car to drive away from the ceremony. Dress it up with window stickers or car paint, so everyone knows you’re newly married. Don’t forget to cover or blur your license plate in any photos. It’s an extra step in protecting your identity and address so strangers can’t potentially harm you by finding your unprotected pictures online.

5. Skipping the Reviews

Remember to read the reviews on car rentals before signing any paperwork. Even if a company sounds excellent and the vehicle is a fantastic find, you’ll avoid a potentially bad experience by seeing what previous customers experienced with the same business.

Choose Your Getaway Car

These are the most common mistakes when choosing a getaway car, but you can guarantee a great experience by keeping them in mind. If you take your time while comparing rental options, reading reviews and talking with brokers about transportation options, you’ll find a swoon-worthy ride that will kick off your married life in style.