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June 26, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: 4 Pointers for a Fun Honeymoon Staycation


Maybe you wanted a fairy tale wedding but a low-key vacation afterward. Perhaps you and your new spouse prefer to save cash for a home or another significant future purchase.


Either way, you’ve decided to honeymoon at home – so here are four pointers for a fun honeymoon staycation.

1. Create a Romantic Ambiance

Well before your big day, give your home a thorough inspection. It’s hard to feel romantic if you’re sweltering with a broken AC during a heatwave or hearing the telltale drip of a leaky roof. Ensure everything’s in working order and make contingency plans.


Then, go crazy setting the mood. Start with thoroughly cleaning, washing your sheets, and perhaps scenting them with an amorous essential oil. Add a few more drops to a diffuser and light some soy-based candles – or light your entire home with inexpensive electric tealights from your local dollar store. Cut fresh flowers for your table and hang a big “just married” banner across your sliding glass patio door.

2. Keep Curiosity-Seekers at Bay

Your friends and relatives want to wish you well. You appreciate their presence – and presents – but your honeymoon isn’t the time for impromptu visits. What can you do short of hanging a big “do not disturb” sign on your front door?


Remember, there’s no need for every guest to know you’ll be hanging out at home. Keep mum on your honeymoon plans or invent a cover story if you have that sort of nosey uncle who’s only in town rarely and insists on seeing you post-reception.


It’s also your job to unplug. Let your cellphone die and turn off the Wi-Fi. Make this celebration about your love.

3. Plan an Itinerary

What will you and your beloved do when you aren’t sharing intimate moments? You need a fun plan to avoid boredom.


Why not pick up some of your favorite vintages beforehand – or add them to your wedding registry – and have a backyard sunset wine tasting with your new spouse? Even a leisurely Friday stroll through the farmer’s market can be a romantic activity if work obligations usually prohibit you from going.

4. Stock Up

The most fun honeymoon staycations mean not having to leave your PJs if you choose not to – and that means stocking up in advance. You can include many of the basics you’d take on a romantic getaway, like an easy-to-use corkscrew for sharing a bottle of wine. Stock up on scented candles, massage oils, and whatever else you and your sweetie adore for snuggle time.


Be sure you take care of your basic needs, too. Yes, you’re on vacation, but takeout gets expensive – so stock your fridge.

Pointers for a Fun Honeymoon Staycation

You don’t have to travel to celebrate your love. Follow the pointers above for a fun honeymoon staycation if you're celebrating at home. You and your new spouse have a lifetime to globetrot, so make this occasion all about your new union.