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October 14, 2022 3 min read

Simple Ways to Manage Wedding Planning Stress


Planning a wedding can cause your anxiety to go into overdrive. You have so much on your plate already and now you are trying to plan the day of your dreams for your family and friends. No pressure, right?


Weddings are a transitional period that can cause a lot of stress, but don’t worry. There are some simple and effective ways to minimize stress while planning your dream wedding.

Get Organized

Organization is essential to wedding planning. Many factors go into scheduling an event that many don’t consider until you’re in the thick of things. Get a wedding binder you can fill with your receipts and plans to keep you on track. You can print out wedding planning checklists and typical wedding budgets for reference or prioritize your thoughts.


Consider your essentials and what you must have to have your dream wedding and then go from there. Doing so can help you budget accordingly and know what sacrifices or compromises are needed to limit your spending. Take one step at a time — you’ve got this!

Prioritize Self-Care

Ensure you are taking time to prioritize your mental health. You can lose yourself in the madness and chaos of wedding planning and realize you forgot to eat, do your skincare routine or take your morning stroll. Whatever you need to do to get yourself right, do that first. None of the planning matters if you lose yourself in the process. Don’t let it overwhelm you.


If you feel you are getting bogged down in the wedding planning process, take a day to yourself and do nothing. This can be essential to your overall happiness and you might surprise yourself at how relaxed and calm you return to the planning once you’ve taken the time to rest and reset.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Things will happen — have something to fall back on that will ease your worry and tension about what could go wrong on your wedding day. A plan B is always helpful, no matter the circumstances. Some things are entirely out of your control, like the weather. You can’t do anything to prevent bad weather from coming, but you can prepare for how you deal with it if it does.


Rain is a good omen on your wedding day, so a few light showers won’t hurt. This superstition says rain signifies good fortune. It is hard to untie when a knot gets wet, so tying it on a rainy day is said to be challenging to unravel. If you’re having your nuptials outdoors, consider reserving a tent just in case or have an indoor location nearby you can move the ceremony to in an emergency.

Rain Preparation

Other ways to prepare for bad weather include providing blankets for your guests and wedding party. Translucent bubble umbrellas are cute accessories that look fantastic in wedding photos and can keep everyone dry during the event.


Bridal rain boots are another excellent choice of accessory that will look darling in your photos. Rain on your wedding day can be a bummer, but you can make the best out of it with an open mind and remember what the ceremony is all about.

Recruit Help

Whether you hire a wedding planner or recruit some friends and family, you will need all the help you can get with wedding planning. Enlist your bridal party, friends or family to help you prepare for your big day. Odds are, your loved ones are more than willing to help — all you have to do is ask.


Learn how to delegate and put someone in charge of correspondence so everyone stays on the same page. You’ll want to ensure you assign tasks to whoever wants to do them. Making sure everyone is informed can help keep things on schedule and prevent jobs or items from being repeated or overdone.

Overcoming Wedding Planning Stress

Don’t let the stress of your big day overwhelm you and make you more stressed than necessary. Utilize these tips to calm your nerves and focus on the things that matter most — you and your spouse and the idea you can live happily ever after it’s all said and done!