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July 13, 2018 1 min read

The Art of Arranging Flowers Around the World

Understanding Non-traditional Designs

Every style has its non-conformists who contribute to creative inspiration through highly personalized works of art. Some designs advance the steady evolution of traditional art, and some offer pure entertainment.

Abstract designs

include space, depth and areas of tension. There are no set designs or styles, and no limitations of the types of materials. The choices are as endless as the imagination. The containers are usually non-traditional. Multiple containers are often used as an option. Many have several openings, so the traditional tools and mechanics (floral foam or needle holders) may not be useful. Exotic plant material such as: anthuriums, bromeliads, birds of paradise, ginger, protea's and other tropical flowers are suitable and popular. They last for days with very little water

Assemblage An assemblage is an abstract, three-dimensional form that sits on a table or pedestal as a piece of sculpture. It can be a two dimensional collage which hangs on a wall, a design that fits in a niche, a sculptural design to be shown in front of a hanging collage, or you can create a framed sculpture.

Free Style Designs

Tree branches, bamboo or palm leaves are good materials for a free style design. Glue or wire together a minimum amount of elements.