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July 13, 2018 2 min read

See all the floral containersMore on making unique containers for your arrangements.

Aquarium Vases.

Placing rocks, pebbles, sand or marbles inside a vase can change the look, add to the design and stabilize the arrangement if the flower heads are heavy. Soak everything in a mild solution of chlorine bleach before adding it to the arrangement.

1. Add the flower material and the rocks etc. alternately to secure the position of the stems deep within the water.

Ribbon Vase

Perfect anywhere, anytime ribbons add color and texture to s simple glass vase. Decorating the inside of a glass vase also hides the mechanics.

1. Use tacky glue or hot glue (low temp only) to secure the ribbons to the inside of the vase.

Very Important :Only use Low Temp Glue Guns when working with glass

2. Line the inside of the container with heavy plastic or bubble wrap.

3. Cut the floral foam to fit inside snugly and extend 1" above the rim of the vase. Soak in a preservative solution until fully saturated. Place carefully inside the lined vase.

Flowers, Etc.

Transform a covered dish into a conversation piece by filling it with artificial or fresh fruit, candies, potpourri, fresh rose petals, nuts, etc.

1. Fill your container with your choice or the above.

2. Use a floral ring that fits the diameter of the lid of your bowl. Saturate it with preservative solution. Then add flowers to the ring.

Multiple Containers

1. Assemble three similar vases. Arrange them in a triangle. Add your flowers as if all three vases were one. Bamboo or tall cylinder vases are perfect for this project. 


Plastic Bandage Containers

1. Stack some containers, and hot glue them together.

2. Cut strips of plaster of Paris bandages, dip them in water and lay them on the sides of the form. Wrap the bandages over the edges of the top and bottom. Smooth out all the wrinkles. When completely covered, allow to dry.

3. Brush on two coats of gesso for a smooth finish.

4. Spray with acrylic paint or pencil on designs and paint. When dry, spray with acrylic glaze.

Mosaic Vases

Save all your broken pieces of china and ceramics so that you can create this nostalgic work of art.

1. First, assemble similar shapes 1 1/2" size pieces of broken china materials. Then, plan your design by color and shape.

2. Hot glue the pieces in a mosaic fashion. Try to keep them close together, and to space them equally apart.

3. Fill the spaces in between the china pieces with plaster of Paris. And be sure to wash your vase with a damp sponge when plaster is dry.

Note: If you want to color the plaster of Paris . you can easily do it by mixing in powdered tempera to the dry plaster (before adding water).

Flower Petal Pot

1. Pour some on a paper plate. Brush the glue on part of the surface of the container you are decorating. When the glue gets a little tacky gently press the into the glue. Cover the entire surface a little at a time.
2. Tie a thin satin bow around the neck of the container.