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July 13, 2018 2 min read

Glued and Wired Loops

Glued Loops

These come in handy . They are fast, fun and easy to make and add a pretty texture and color to centerpieces, wreaths and corsages.

1. Cut a length of ribbon and double the size of the loop you want to make. Fold it over and glue the ends together.

2. To make a cluster of loops, start with three of four pieces of ribbon the same length. Fold and glue all the loops. Place a dab of glue on the outside at the bottom of the first loop to hold the second loop in place. Then place a dab of glue on the back of the second loop to hold the third loop in place and so on.
Wired Loops

You will need to get wooden wired picks to make wired loops. They look like a fat toothpick with a couple of inches of wire attached to the top. You can attach ribbons and floral material to the wire attached to the pick. The pick can easily be pushed into a Styrofoam.

1. To form a plain loop cut a piece of ribbon and bring the cut ends together, right side out. Secure with the wire on the pick.

2.To form a loop with a tail use a longer ribbon. Cut the tail end into a "v" shape.
3. To make a loop with two tails cut a length of ribbon twice as long as the first ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half with right sides out. Fold the doubled ribbons over again forming two tails. Pinch the ribbon together at these last folds and secure with wire to a floral pick. Trim ends as desired.
4. Loops can also be made without wooden floral picks. Make as many loops as you like with the right side of the ribbon facing out and tie the loops at the loose ends with floral wire or floral tape. Depending on the thickness of the ribbon loops, you can even staple them together. Hot glue them into arrangements, on wreaths, swags and into garlands.