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July 13, 2018 2 min read

Silk Lavender Eye Pillows Beautifully made dream pillows and eye pillows are the epitome of pampering! It will block out the light and spread a soothing gentle weight over and around your eyes. These are perfect anytime.

Take a little time to relax and soothe your eyes. Great for rejuvenating tired eyes

  1. You will need flaxseed along with some soft, luxurious fabric such as dupioni silk. Flaxseed is perfect for those that are sensitive to scent. Cool, refreshing and blocks out the light. Provides gentle weight that gently relaxes your temples.

  2. You can add lavender or chamomile flowers if you want- lavender and chamomile can be left whole, but for an even softer pillow grind it into a powder using a food processor or spice grinder. Then place a spoon full of each in a re-sealable paper tea bag . You will be placing several bags in each pillow (between the flax seed). Lavender is a natural anti-depressant and is becoming well known for relieving insomnia, headaches and stress.

  3. Make a small, tube shaped eye pillow or small, rectangular dream pillow from the fabric. Simply cut the shape out and sew three and 1/2 sides together with the fabric inside out. Then turn the fabric right side out and fill the pillow loosely with flaxseed. (If you are making a chamomile or lavender pillow fill with equal parts of lavender/chamomile -ground or whole- and flaxseed). Hand stitch the last of the pillow together or use a ribbon to tie it off. The dream pillow is put under a regular pillow at night to encourage sweet dreams and the eye pillow is laid directly over closed eyes to soothe and rejuvenate