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September 23, 2021 3 min read

Finding the perfect wedding gift is every guest’s biggest challenge. Whether you know the couple well or hardly at all, the gift has to meet the occasion. A card and a box of chocolates won’t carry the same weight as it does on Valentine’s day or a birthday. This guide explains how to shop for antiques as wedding gifts so you can find something meaningful for the newly married couple.

1. Consider the Couple’s Needs

Most engaged couples create a registry and link to it on their wedding website. They ask for things they’ll need for their new life together, like household supplies or kitchenware. Use it as inspiration for picking out a great antique. It will show you what they like and don’t like so you don’t have to guess. You’ll save yourself from accidentally getting them something they won’t use, like purchasing a wine decanter before discovering that they don’t drink and would have rather preferred a lemonade dispenser for parties.

2. Research Antique Shop Reputations

Antiques often cost more than their modern counterparts, so how do you know if it’s worth the price tag? Research the shops you’d like to visit to see if they reach the high standards of certified appraisers. If they abide by the rules established by groups like the American Society of Appraisers, they’ll have certifications that prove their verified valuations. Start this step before shopping to save time and money down the road.

3. Find Symbols of Authenticity

A married couple might have a specific love for antique pieces like grandfather clocks. After checking for the proper certifications and a trusted shop, you can find symbols of authenticity that prove the object’s age and origin. A clockmaker would mark their work, so look for dial signatures accurate to that creator’s legacy. Tiny marks left by the original maker will provide another layer of security that you’re buying something authentic.

4. Seek Help From a Consultant

Appraisers help people determine how much to ask for an antique, but a consultant guides buyers through the tricky world of purchasing. You might want to hire a consultant for help if you’ve never bought antiques before. They’ll explain why something is or isn’t worth the price tag and what will be a great investment for the married couple to own.

Meet with someone before looking for your future wedding gift or after you think you’ve found the perfect piece. They’ll assist you during all stages of the buying process so you don’t unknowingly spend money on an overpriced reproduction.

5. Stick With Your Budget

It’s always wise to create a budget for antiquing before going to stores. A seller might attempt to persuade you to pay for something more costly than you originally anticipated and use your time-sensitive gift purchase to create more pressure. Create a budget by determining the maximum amount you’ll spend. If you love something outside of that limit, learn how to haggle to get the price back within your budget.

Find Antiques as Wedding Gifts

Now that you know how to shop for antiques as wedding fits, start your search today. Connect with a consultant, verify trusted shops and consider what the couple needs to find the perfect gift for their upcoming ceremony.