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February 01, 2021 3 min read

If you and your spouse-to-be are the outdoorsy types, why not bring the wonder of nature into your wedding? Who needs to pay to rent a fancy cathedral when you can have oaks as your altar? Plus, you’ll save a small fortune, and not only on the venue. Here’s how to plan your own camping wedding and reception.

1. Pick the Perfect Venue

When selecting your camping wedding venue, you need to keep your guests in mind. However, your considerations don’t have to extend too far beyond what you’d think about if hosting your reception at a hotel.

You’ll need to determine the availability to host all of your guests — in this age of social distancing, even outdoor venues refrain from booking multiple gatherings at once. Things grow more complicated when it comes to accommodating those with disabilities. If your venue isn’t wheelchair and walker-accessible, please include that information in your invitations.

2. Plan for Weather

Maybe you dream of gathering around the campfire if the wind picks up, but only so many bodies can fit around the flames regardless of social distancing rules. Plus, you need at least 8 feet of clear space to build your fire pit — your venue could end up looking like Gondor calling for aid, even if you have the acreage.

You’ll need to rent plenty of pavilions so that guests have a way to get out of the rain without retreating to their cars or tents. It’s also wise to have outdoor space heaters — so don’t go too far off the grid unless you have a massive generator to provide electricity.

3. Modify Your Menu


You might not want to order a fancy tiered cake for your camping wedding and reception. How on earth will you keep bugs at bay without hiding all that artistry behind mosquito netting? Even then, ants can attack, but individual slices can stay in a cooler until serving.

You’ll also need a way to keep warm dishes from going cold. You’ll probably do best with a buffet-style reception instead of a sit-down meal, which further slashes your wedding day budget. S’mores make a delightful and fun dessert alternative — just don’t get chocolate stains on your white dress.

4. Arrange for Transportation

When planning a camping wedding, you do have one extra consideration when it comes to transportation. If your site requires four-wheel drive to access, you’ll need to arrange for a way for guests without such vehicles to reach it.

If your guests plan to remain and camp, you don’t have to worry about DUIs. However, some newlyweds have started providing shuttles for those guests who overindulge — discuss whether this fits your budget.

5. Decide on Your Honeymoon

You might be thinking, “Duh! I’m already at my honeymoon location!” If you plan on post-nuptial bliss at the same camping spot, your work is done, and you saved some sweet moolah.

If you plan to travel elsewhere, make sure you include information in your invitations regarding nearby alternative lodging for out-of-town guests. Even if you select a glamping resort as your venue, some folks might object to sleeping in tents or even yurts.

Plan Your Own Camping Wedding and Reception With These Tips

Planning your own camping wedding and reception can save you considerable cash. If you and your spouse live for the great outdoors, why not use it as a venue to say, “I do?”