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June 27, 2018 2 min read


In this tutorial we will show you how to make lace crowns using ribbon, glue, and paint! Perfect for parties (especially ones with princesses), these crowns are fun photo booth props and make unique party favors that can be worn long after the party is over.


  • Lace
  • Paint (acrylic or spray)
  • Spray glue
  • Glitter
  • Jewels or other crown decorations (optional)
  • Disposable cup or plate
  • Wax paper
  • Glue gun
  • Measuring tape/ruler, scissors, and gloves


  • First you'll need to select your lace. For the best crowns, use crocheted cotton lace or a synthetic look-a-like. The key is to choose lace that is fairly wide and thick. Delicate and thin lace may not produce a sturdy enough crown.

How to Make a Lace CrownHow to Make a Lace CrownHow to Make a Lace Crown

  • Cut each piece of lace somewhere between 13-17” long, depending on desired size. It’s better to measure on the longer side as you can always trim it shorter just before assembling.

How to Make a Lace Crown

  • While wearing gloves, saturate each piece of lace with fabric stiffener. Pour a generous amount of stiffener in a disposable cup or on a disposable plate. Dip the lace in the glue and work it into the fabric with your fingers. Squeeze off any excess glue and lay each piece flat on wax paper to dry. Blot with a paper towel if necessary. While the lace dries, occasionally flip and move it so that the pooled glue doesn’t dry and form windows in the lace holes.

How to Make a Lace CrownHow to Make a Lace Crown

  • Once the glue has dried to the touch (a few hours later), you are ready to paint. Spray paint works the easiest, but you can also use acrylic paint. Let dry overnight.

How to Make a Lace Crown

  • After the paint has fully dried and the lace is quite stiff, spray the lace with adhesive glue and cover the crown in glitter. Use finer glitter to avoid large pieces of glitter clogging the openings in the lace. Allow to dry fully.

How to Make a Lace Crown

  • Now it’s time to decorate to your heart’s content! Use a hot glue gun to affix jewels, flowers, or any other regal decorations.

How to Make a Lace Crown

  • Trim the edges of the lace for a clean line and at your desired length. Use a hot glue gun to glue the edges together.

How to Make a Lace Crown

  • Make an assortment of crowns in different colors! Use various types of lace to create simple or grandiose shapes.

How to Make a Lace Crown