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September 05, 2019 3 min read

While backyard barbecues are a summer staple, who says you have to stop entertaining once autumn comes? You can start planning for a fall party so that you don't have take a break from hosting until the holidays.

Hosting a fall party can be especially fun to plan for. The food, the decor and the overall atmosphere is something special! Whether it's a dinner party, or a full on fall-festival at your house, it can be easy to prepare for a fall party at your home!
Fall Party
Decorating for fall is an exciting time. You can throw in preserved items, , and other things that just scream fall. Depending on when you have your fall party can dictate how you decorate your home for your party. If you have an early fall party, you can keep the decor simple and just have fall tones within your home. Having preserved is the perfect fall accent that isn't over the top, but still looks gorgeous in a variety of settings. The later you get into fall, the more you can cater your party to the holidays of the season. You can have jack'o lanterns for Halloween along with other Halloween decor. If you're hosting a fall party after Halloween, you can begin decorating your home for late autumn and Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and add some turkey accents in with your deep autumn tones. If you aren't into holiday specific , you can just keep the gold, brown and red tones of autumn in your home for a light touch of fall that isn't too over the top.
Fall Party
Fall also means the specialty food items that are available seasonally. From Apple cider to pumpkin spice, you can find a variety of food items that are specific to the fall season, and are essential at a fall party. Having seasonal food items at fall parties really ties the theme together, and gives your guest treats that they normally wouldn't get. Have warm apple cider, or apple cider donuts as a sweet treat for guests at a casual drop in party. However, if you're having a dinner party you can use to your advantage, and have delicious courses like butternut squash soup. Having an autumn gathering is perfect for a dinner party, because you can serve them that comforting, seasonal items that people love year after year. However, since it is also football season, you can have tailgate-friendly food if part of your party is having people over to watch the big game! This is perfect if your guests would like to bring snacks as well.
Fall Party
Parties are perfect for games an activities for you and your guests. While parties can just be hanging around with your friends and family, you can also have a few things laid out for guests to do as they please. Autumn comes with a variety of special activities that are easy to do in groups too! Apple bobbing is a classic fall activity to have at your fall party, especially if you have kids there. You can also have guests carve pumpkins together if you are getting closer to Halloween. Another classic fall party staple, while not entirely an activity, is to have a big bonfire with some marshmallows to make s'mores. Even though it's autumn, you may just want to have people over to watch football, and that's a perfect party to have in the fall, with no extra activities required as long as you have plenty of snacks! Even though summer is coming to an end, you can still host a fabulous party! There's so many ways to have a fall party unique to what you love about fall, and will keep your guests coming back year after year.