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June 11, 2021 2 min read

You want to celebrate your dad for Father’s Day, but you have no idea what to get him. It happens to many people as the holiday approaches every year. Before you reach for a box of chocolates or pay for another watch, check out this Father’s Day gift guide for trendy dads. He’ll love these ideas if he’s always looking to join in on the latest and greatest trends.

1. Look for New Sneakers

Having multiple pairs of sneakers will give your dad the option to play around with his look when he’s not working. Browse sneakers that share similar designs and styles to what your dad wears typically. You can pick something he likes or something brand new to expand his wardrobe.

2. Get Him an Emergency Kit

If your dad loves camping or hiking, he’ll love being able to get away for a bit. Make sure he stays safe by giving him an emergency kit. They usually include things like fire starters and emergency blankets, which he might forget if he packs for his trip in a rush.

3. Make Him a Meal

What’s better than not having to cook? Give your dad a night off by making him a meal. You could pressure cook some ribs or grill a hearty cheeseburger and pair them with his favorite sides. Don’t forget to add toppings and sauces to complete the meal.

Dads who prefer a healthier dinner will love dining on pecan-crusted salmon with roasted brussel sprouts. Consider his favorite foods to find something that makes this Father’s Day extra special.

4. Think of His Health

Health-focused fathers might appreciate a thoughtful gift that supports their lifestyle rather than traditional gifts like a wallet or coffee mug. Compare toolkits that empower him to take charge of his health, like a kombucha kit.

Anyone who drinks alcohol regularly, smokes cigarettes or eats a diet high in sugar increases their risk of oxidative stress without realizing it. The stress occurs on a cellular level and tears the metabolic process apart.

Kombucha naturally creates antioxidants that restore your body’s cellular functions. Your dad’s health will transform because his body can keep up with his lifestyle. It’s delicious in teas, dressings or even frozen treats, so your dad is bound to find a new way to enjoy the nutritious treat. All he needs is the right kit to get started.

5. Find a New Tie

Ties may look the same to some people, but they vary widely in styles and designs. It’s an accessory that dads don’t often think to buy for themselves because their ties get stuffed into the back of their closet. Find a new tie in a brilliant color or new style that your dad doesn’t already have. Whether you choose a skinny tie or one that clips onto his collar, he’ll love the thought behind his upgraded wardrobe.

Get the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

This is the best Father’s Day gift guide for trendy dads who need something extra special. Think about his hobbies and interests to match him with the perfect present. Even if you only have to get the ingredients for a delicious meal, he’ll love whatever you give him because it comes from your heart.