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July 13, 2018 3 min read

Showcase the colors and textures of fall with seasonal bouquets and floral arrangements. Whether you are festooning your home or garnishing your wedding reception in natural splendor. Use these ideas to gain inspiration for your fall-themed soiree.

  1. Lavishing Lavender

    Ideal for a rustic wedding ceremony or your charming, country cottage, this fall bouquet idea will add soft color and texture to its surroundings. This simple and eye-catching combination is easy to emulate. First, select a bundle of dried wheat and tie it with raffia to keep it in place. Next, surround the wheat with preserved lavender to add depth. Finally, wrap the stems in white moire ribbon to tie everything together. This bundle can be used as a bridesmaid bouquet or a welcoming decoration on your entryway table. Photo from Colin Cowie Weddings
    8 Fall Bouquet Ideas
  2. Gallant Gerberas

    Bring a bit of vibrancy to your home with this cluster of colorful blossoms. Select a large, bark-covered cylinder vase to hold your flowers. Next, select several yellow, red, and orange gerbera daisies to display in the vase, fanning them out to create a voluminous showcase. Complete this seasonal look by inserting artificial maple leaf sprays among the vibrant flowers. Photo from Dream Lake Design
    8 Fall Bouquet Ideas
  3. Persimmon-esque

    For a pop of color on your October wedding table, emulate the distinctive look of a persimmon tree. This fall bouquet is minimal and simple, yet vivid and eye-catching. Recreate this arrangement by wrapping a thick band of twine around the body of a glass bottle. Next, place several preserved orange rose heads secured to curly willow in the bottle. Add several natural curly willow branches and leafy sprays to your rose-filled bottle. Add a finishing touch by scattering orange rose petals around the bottom of your centerpiece vase. Photo from Frosted Petticoat
    8 Fall Bouquet Ideas
  4. h2>Smitten Smattering This petite bundle is perfect for your September wedding. Wonderfully vibrant and luscious, this fall bouquet idea can be arranged in bud vases, small bottles, or even as a boutonniere on your groomsman’s lapel. Recreate this tiny bunch by selecting several sprigs of lavender, poppy sprays, and craspedia flowers, and arranging them into a cohesive, colorful display. For a finishing touch, wrap the stems in lace ribbon and keep it in place with a pearl-topped bouquet pin. Photo from Frosted Petticoat
    8 Fall Bouquet Ideas
  5. Feathery Fronds

    Add an unconventional detail to your seasonal wedding with this wispy wand. This fall bouquet idea will bring a touch of elegance to your ceremony, and add an unconventional detail to your seasonal wedding with this wispy wand. Emulate this arrangement by clustering together several speckled flower sprays, incorporating pheasant feathers, and arranging white ostrich fronds around the outer edges for an ethereal accent. Next, use a durable, thick ribbon to wrap the feather stems to keep them in place. Photo from Buzzfeed
    8 Fall Bouquet Ideas
  6. Season’s Song

    Celebrate the crisp, chilly months with a branchy bunch. This fall bouquet idea pays homage to the season’s harvest ambience. Recreate this display for your wedding centerpiece or cottage mantle. Select large, green preserved bay and eucaluptus branches as your bouquet staple. Next, add a splash of color to your bouquet by inserting several yellow-leaf aspen sprays into it. Finally, add a few sprigs of white baby’s breathto incorporate texture and a playful flair. Pair this bouquet with an earthy, ceramic vase to complete your fall-themed event or home. Photo from Free People
    8 Fall Bouquet Ideas
  7. Glowing Goldenrod

    Nothing screams fall more than bronzed tones and powdery textures. This fall bouquet idea will evoke a seasonal ambience on your wedding receptions tables. For this colorful cluster, select large mason jars and tie raffia around the lips. Next, place white gysophila, magnolia, and green snowballs sprays in the jars for a light and lush look. Next, complete the bouquets by adding yellow static branches and a few billy ball caspedia stems for a splash of color. Photo from Blooms by the Box
    8 Fall Bouquet Ideas
  8. Vibrant Bunch

    This vibrant, tiered burst of blossoms will bring an eye-catching look to your autumn wedding. DIY this fall bouquet by bunching a couple of white hydrangea sprays, peach gerbera daisies, and sunflowers together. Add sprigs of yellow caspia and a few branches of faux berries for seasonal flair. Add several more sunflower stems to the outer edge of your bouquet. Complete this look by wrapping a thick jute rope around the stems to keep them in place. Photo from 1000 Threads Blog
    8 Fall Bouquet Ideas